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A Real Jobs Bill For Florida

Updated on October 5, 2013

Governor Scott


A Real Jobs Bill For Florida

It doesn't seem like rocket Science but apparently it hasn't occurred to Republican Govenor Rick Scott that if he funds the 19,000 children on the waiting list for Medwaiver he would make his federal lawsuit disappear but he would also create about 80,000 jobs in Florida. Since initially publishing this article the number of children needing the Mediwaiver has increased from 19,000 to 33,000 individuals with special needs thus, if funded, providing 160,000 jobs which is no small feat. In July 2013, 750 clients were Services the waiver should be available to them by October 2013.

Now I am very certain that those parents who have never recieved Medwaiver should and can enter into a lawsuit suing the state of Florida especially for services not render for the entire time they have had their loved one on the never ending Medwaiver wait list. But Rick Scott and the Republican Party seem to miss the obvious point that they could literally help the disabled which they are required by law. Goodness knows Florida has the GDP between the Oil and the Sugar to do it and employ the 160,000 people at the same time for about 2 billion dolars. And that is nothing compared to the hand ups Florida sends to DC. 2 billion dollars to employ 160, 000 people and get disabled children off of an eternal and infinite wait list which seems to grow exponentially the longer their is no funding.

But Rick Scott hasn't shown a terrible amount of good sense in his time in the Govenor's Mansion. He has been to busy haming it up with the DC crowd and been to busy making bets on games with other Govenor's to actually employ Floridains. Wait didn't he run on improving the economy in Florida and getting people back to work? How long ago was that? And has he done it? I don't think so!

Florida is worse off now then it has ever been in the last two decades. And the Tea Party Movement which I like to refer to as the BM of politics hasn't helped the disabled but enabled Rick Scott in his grand scheme of discrimination. Which I guess Rick Scott is perfectly content with doing to the very citizens who voted him in but then you have to wonder, the parents of those 19,000 (now 33,000 children) 66,000 votes and the people that could be employed by them would make another 80,000 (now 160,000) so you are talking about 266,000 votes that could go right to the Democratic Party in 2016.

It may very well come down to the parents of these children deciding the next outcome of the 2016 presidential election. The├┐ don't have a party as both parties ignore the disabled. The problem for the Republican Party is that they have ignored this medical fragile population in a state which they hold. Rick Scott has never had a high approval ratings in this state and he has shown a basic inhumanity while representing the GOP to the fragile, infirm and disabled. That is a politically untenable position for the GOP to be for the next presidential election. If JEB runs he may very well not be able to carry the state of Florida because of Rick Scott's actions.

Besides the moral questions which plague both parties, the fundamental problem of the Republican Party in particular is Rick Scott has deprived the children with Autism funding and they can't run on that and expect to win the state of Florida. 1 in every 150 white male children have been diagnosed with Autism. That is a large population in Florida the Republicans stand to lose. And the Republicans should be ashamed of themselves for not addressing the needs of the developmentally disabled and their families and not working to put Florida back to work.

Quite literally I heard there was a big hiring in Florida of 4000 people and I thought that is nothing compared to the unemployed. And the easiest answer to unemployment in Florida is to fund Medwaiver.

The fastest party to fund the developmentally disabled in Florida will win the White House In 2016. The Math is that simple. Being a parent of a child who is sitting on the Medwaiver, I would like any politicians seeking my vote to know they will have to give my son the full waiver including all the years he has been deprived of the waiver before they can ever expect my vote. The one thing I am certain of is I am voting every single one of those Bums in DC our until we get some people with sense and a work ethic up there. And it could be several years of both parties enjoying a change they can believe in Until they get the message we take care of our own. government employment is about public service and not about self service. Our government seems a bit confused on that point.

I want leadership who actually understand they duties as a public servant. The rum away train wreck in our society is not the infirm, developmentally disabled or even the veterans but the self serving government who has forgotten to care for the people. I will continue voting every single public servant out of office until they get the fact they are public servants. Their eyes and ears and funding needs to focused on caring for the people and not interested overseas. We have loved that for over a decade and quite frankly, both parties have made Machavelli look like a Mother Teresa. Governent wants change and that is exactly what they will get in the form of a pink slip.

Real Jobs

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Rick Scott's Popularity

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Real Jobs Equal GOP Carrying the State of Florida in the Next Presidential Election

It is very simple Math. Two Billion dollars would fund the 33,000 children sitting on the political disastrous Medwaiver wait list. That is, as a conservative estimate, 160,000 votes not including direct service providers who would also vote for the GOP if thESE children were funded. The politics is simple. Florida has an obligation and the money, between the oil industry and the sugar cane industry, to fund the Medwaiver list. It will employ 160,000 individuals in both direct and indirect services for the individuals on the Medwaiver wait list. It is an immediate jobs bill for Florida.

If JEB hopes to carry the State of Florida then it will have to happen immediately if not sooner. GOP can not win the next presidential election without Florida and yet they continually and habitually are making tpol economically and politically disastrous decision of not funding the Medwaiver clients

It is JEB's race to lose in 2016 and he will if Govenor Rick Scott does not allocate the funds for Mediwaiver clients.

Scott's Popularity Effecting JEB's Probability of Becoming President

Do you think the politically untenable positions and exceptionally low popularity of Rick Scott will hurt JEB's Presidential Electability?

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No Politician was Harmed in the Research for This Article.

In summation the Math is very clear in Florida. There is a two billion dollar plan to put Florida back to work while restoring the GOP reputation. Albeit, is easier to see outside of elected office where there are huge salaries, wonderful health care plans and an insatiable lust for more power. Finally as a qualification to this article in the research and construction of this article no politician was treated inhumanely or harmed.


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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida


      It is great to hear from you. DC is out of touch. All they seem to be able total about is shovel redy projects when they have actualy opportunities to help people and employ people at the same time.

      The problem with the Medwaiver is that the state of Florida has ripped off the disabled children and their families to pay Washington DC for the last decade and it is both parties and they should be ashamed of themselves. Funny never seems to be any red tape when money is taken out of Florida to pay Washington DC. That seems to be a smooth transition.

      An institytional theft from the disabled that both the Republicans, the Denmocrats and the Tea Party Movement are proud to continue.

      Thanks for reading, commenting and providing feedback.


    • cyoung35 profile image

      Chad Young 

      7 years ago from Corona, CA

      I believe many in DC are loosing touch with the general public and creating jobs should have been the focus of Obamas first 4 years. We are worse now than we were when he took office. The problems in Florida with the medwaivers is typical of todays government. All across the nation there are problems that could be easily fixed and create jobs but too much red tape and corporate greed has halted our progress. Great hub, I hope more people read this.


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