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Why is Florida So Poor When It Produces 29% of the Oil in the United States?

Updated on January 17, 2012

Where's the Profits fro Florida's Oil Production Going?


Give Floridians Their Well Deserved Oil Revenues.

As I write to you today I am unemployed in a state with over 19,000 children on a waiting list for disability services with the Governor screaming budget cuts and being sued. As a matter of fact the Tea Party Movement claims Florida as its base which Florida got them as Herman Cain won in the straw poll.

And I am wondering why the state of Florida which produces 29% of the USA oil in the Gulf of Mexico is so poor? Why aren't there services in this state for disabled children? Actually Florida is one of the wealthiest states in the country between farming, sugar, defense, oil and other natural resources this states make other states look poor and yet the people of Florida get absolutely nothing. We have the highest foreclosure rates, we pay more for gasoline then most states, and medically fragile children can't get the help they need.

Where is the money going to? Aren't the profits from the resources of the state of Florida entitled to everyone who lives in Florida? God knows when a Floridian gets cancer the government doens't do anything to help them. I had a friend from Alaska and he was paid every single month of his life just for being born there by the oil companies. We are Floridians. Where's the checks from the oil company?

The resources of my state are to provide for its people and Florida has suffered an unfair burden in the Middle Eastern War which the Tea Party doesn't deserve to Capitalize on. They haven't endured living in Florida. Palin is from Alaska and in all probability her children are receiving monthly checks just for being born there. And she is not Floridian. It is time the wealth of the state of Florida be returned to its people and taken from big oil.

There is no excuse for Floridians to go to bed at night hungry or have to worry about whether they will have a home to live in, medical care, a school for their children to attend or even a job when they live in the wealthiest state in the country. Floridians have been ripped off way to long by Hollywood, the government and anyone who can dig their way into the pockets of wealth of a state and steal form its people.

Can you image how much wealth each person in Florida would have if they were given their fair share of royalties from big oil with gasoline at $4 a gallon? We would all live like the Saudis.

TPM made one big mistake actually the entire political process made one huge mistake they didn't have a candidate that had the people of Florida's best interests at heart and they didn't have a FLORIDIAN run. And I am not talking about a wealthy Floridian that is so seasoned as a politician they are no longer human. Because at this point all of Congress needs to be fired. Anyone still in DC is out of politics for good. There hasn't been party that has truly embraced a son or daighter of Florida. The very state that has sacrificed all of its wealth for the last decade for the war in the Middle Eaat while those fat cats in Washington profitted..

Find a way to pay Floridians before Florida embraces DC. We are not all old in this state and we are very very tired of being ripped off and paying an unfair share of the burden in the Middle Eastern wars and not seen a return on our investments.

And change the chant from "No More Taxes" to "Give Us Our Oil Revenues!!!!".

I would say untilt his changes there will be no confidence in Washington, DC.


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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Hi BWD316,

      Thanks for reading, commenting and providing your feedback. How can Alaska not be socoalism as well? And Florida is losing there resources everyday whether the people receive the money or not. Florida produces 1/3 of the all dmoestic oil production why shouldn't the people be paid since htere is presidence in Alaska? Florida has one of the hgihest umeployement rates and one of the highest homeless and foreclosure rates. What is wrong witht he people of Florida especially thos who never saw a cent of money from FEMA during Hurricane Francis and Jeanne to receive we deserved oil revenues?

      Thanks again I value your comment although I am not certain paying people for the resources of their land when the resources are theirs is socialism.

      Thanks for the rating as well.


    • BWD316 profile image

      Brian Dooling 6 years ago from Connecticut

      JT i have to say i can feel the passion (and aggrevation) you feel through this hub, great writing! Its amazing how rich in resources the state of florida is, even in tourism! yet so many dont benefit from that. I dont know all the details but the problem probably lies with the private companies that drill for oil, they most likely lease the land for a very cheap price under the pretense that what ever they drill is there. A state run drilling operation would allow the revenue to go straight to the public but i highly doubt that would ever happen, it would be labeled socialist. As for people in Alaska gettting paid, i see it more as a bribe in my opinion, its the oil companies saying were destroying this beautiful landscape and stripping the land of any future use so we can get the oil, so heres a check and please be quiet. but thats just my opinion. excellent hub voted up and awesome

    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Hi JimDoyle,

      Florida's resources belong to its people. Florida's money belongs to its people. And the Tea pArty Movement can't just run to Florida and crash the party and pretend like they are from here. It is not their resources or any other candidate any longer.

      Florida needs representation from Florida that doesn't give away all of its resources. There is absolutely no excuse why Florida should have to lose it resources to pay for everything and Hollywood can't pay their fair share of taxes.

      There should be no economic problems in Florida as there is more than enough money to pay for everyone. Perhaps the federl govenrment shoud be required to pay back all of what it has taken from Florida since the 1900(s).

      There should not be homless people in this state.

      There should not be children and families struggling to stay alive.

      Florida produces oil and there is absolutely no excuse we pay the highest gasoline prices in the country.

      Sure politicians care where they waste money. It usually pays for their lavish live styles they do not deserve or have earned.

      Thanks for reading, commenting and providing feedback.


    • JimDoyle profile image

      JimDoyle 6 years ago from Primbee

      Thats politics for you.They dont care where the money comes from or where they waste it either.