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When Price Exceeds Income

Updated on January 23, 2013

When Prices Exceed Income

What Do You Do ?

When Prices Exceed Income!

This may become reality at the present rate of inflation and unemployment. With no increase in wages on middle class workers for ten or fifteen years, while the price of goods increased every year. Tax payers are desperately working hard to keep from getting into this financial drain as property taxes and new taxes added from local governments to make up for loss in sales tax. The price index rose to record highs by 2011 but wages stayed the same. Take home pay became less due to expenses taken out either by taxes or insurance. An indication that prices may exceed income due to health or auto insurance.

This has been a steady process with increases and slow downs for the past thirty years, but the presidential election of 2000 was the indicator that the price of “goods” will rise quickly and wages will not. Mid 1990’s was a short halt in that financial drain with a freeze in most prices and some moderate increase in personal income mostly for the rich. But the first president of the twenty first century was the “scare” that tipped the price increase. Wages were frozen and labor unions became disabled by the federal government crushing the bargaining power between wage earners and employer. This was first used in 1969 with Vietnam protesters, and again with air traffic controllers union as President Reagan called the military to take the place of strikers.

Insurance companies started controlling the economy by 2010 with price increases caused by advertising on cable channels which increased the demand, causing health insurance premiums to sky rocket. What was once a benefit is now a burden both for the employer and employee. With the employee not prepared to handle the burden of less take home pay every year prices could exceed income.

What happens when prices exceed income? People are in debt with a paycheck and still juggling between child care or health care and food. The scare is real and in front of your eyes every day, insurance companies can raise rates with out notice. Utility companies can add an extra tax with out notice and expect users to pay, or cut off the electricity. What do you do? We have already cut out what is not needed, and trying to figure how to keep the necessities.


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    • odomirok2 profile image

      Tommy ODomirok 3 years ago from Antioch Tennessee

      Has this topic become stronger over the years or has the price/wage ratio Gotten closer.

    • mio cid profile image

      mio cid 5 years ago from Uruguay

      I understand your point of view, and you make an informative assessment , and valid points, and although I being a leftie have many criticisms to our economic and political policies, I don't see such a gloomy scenario developing or materializing , only time will tell but I think many lessons are being learned from this economic downturn and our economic recovery will be more solid and real than in the past.