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Obama's War on Single Mothers.

Updated on May 20, 2012

Weak On Criminal Justice = No Child Support Payments for Children.

How can Obama possibly claim he is for women? What he wants to give them the right to choose but then when they choose life he doesn't want to hold the deadbeat Father's criminally liable for neglecting to pay their financial obligations? And Obama claims his Dad did the same thing to him and yet he is so insensitive to this plight of women and children who are living in homeless shelters because many men are voluntarily remaining unemployed to avoid child support payments. Sure the economy is not great but when men who are court ordered don't even apply for one job and run to an appeals court to fight their child support judgments there is a huge problem there.

Perhaps it is Obama is just pro criminal behavior. Does he not realize the effect living in poverty has on children? Or will he not be content until everyone is forced to eat dog as he had to as a child? Clinton at least went after Dead Beat Dads. Obama can't possibly be for women when he will not address this nation’s biggest issue which is dead beat parents.

Nothing would bring unemployment rates up faster then criminally prosecuting Fathers’ who refuse to work to pay their child support. Jail is a wonderful motivator for these guys and they still owe once they get out. Nothing would increase those unemployment numbers faster then if Obama signed legislation into effect that any voluntarily unemployed deadbeat parent would be jailed until they pay their back child support. I also don’t believe a dead beat parent is entitled to an appeal until they pay their judgment.

Now so many men and women are reading this and claiming they are turnips who can’t find work. Well you and I are on HP. It doesn’t take a rocket Scientist to find some sort of employment. The litmus test here is whether or not those parents have actively been seeking employment to fulfill their court obligations. If they haven’t then they should be criminally charged and jailed. And if they have then the next question to ask is why they can’t find work. Is serving fries too much to ask of them to feed their child? Or is mopping up to beneath them instead of letting their children live in poverty?

It comes down to intent. Did the parent actually ever intend on paying the child support or they simply working the system to avoid child support payments by maintaining voluntary unemployment? In most instances the answer is they are avoiding paying and it is costing the legal system and the taxpayers billions each year. Not to mention the socio-emotional impact it is having on our children being brought up in poverty because their deadbeat parents are too selfish to work.

And where is Obama the first Women’s president on this issue? He is no where. And this is a racial issue as well. Black men are jailed frequently but white men never seem to be jailed for this behavior. So it is okay to bring white children up in poverty but not black ones.

And women and children and taxpayers are getting hurt but that is okay because the first women’s president, Barack Obama, isn’t willing to take a stand against deadbeat Dads. Actually Romeny doesn't have a position on this issue either and therefore I believe neither presidential candidate is for women with children. And both parties are exceptionally weak on criminal justice.

Trayvon could have been Obama's son but all the children who are forced to live in pverty in America because of Deadbeat Dads are not Obama's problem perhaps because they are mostly white. And I hate putting it in those terms but it really seems like Obama thinks in divisive terms. I am not like that but I don't preclude others ability to be racist. Although my neighbor is going through the same thing and they are black. It just must be that women have less rights in America then in Saudi Arabia.

If Obama was truly the first Women's President he could put his money where is mouth is and sign an executive order into law forcing ALL men to pay child support retroactive child support or be jailed immediately. But he will not as he is more interested in getting re-elected then in actually representing women's causes. And no one give me this he will do it when he is re-elected as that is nothing more then emotional black mail. The truth is women and children have never been a Democratic cause.

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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida

      Hi Lord,

      No it is Saturday which means DC is laying wide open. There is no candidate that supports women. Women are not represented in this country. And what is worse is the government feeds into this and continues to habituate a social disaster to justify their existence.

      My son's Father already lost his driver's liscense and just drives without it. He doesn't care. All deadbeat parents need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It is not a Republican or Democratic issue but a justice issue. And it is far time the war on terrorism and women end. And the war on crime and politicians begins!!

      I am doing my best.

      Thanks Lord.

    • Lord De Cross profile image

      Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

      JT, is it friday? Great article, and not only Obama has done his dirty job. Is the system and the... sign of the times. My step son who is in the Air Force; making more than his dead beat dad ever dreamed, knows so well about this unjust system. Father used to send those 45 bucks with no remorse, just to avoid being taken his precious driver's license... and his women's needs. You go girl! Get them!