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Why marijuana shouldn't be legalized

Updated on January 4, 2010

Marijuana shouldn't be legalized...

I notice that many people agree with legalization of marijuana, yet only a handful of people have a correct understanding of the drug and the effects. Take it from an ex full time stoner, and a friend of many other full time stoner's.

To clarify what makes a 'full time stoner', is waking and baking, going to work stoned, smoking during the day, and going to bed stoned. So basically, your high most of the time, about 60-80% of the time. I spent five years doing this, my partner spent ten years doing it, and if we could take it back, we would.

Smoking weed is not considered by the full-time stoner as taking drugs, it is a relationship.

Most people will be aware that one of the effects of smoking weed is short-term memory loss: In the beginning of smoking weed regularly, one will find that they might forget what they were saying halfway through a statement, forget where they put things, and forget what they were watching on T.V less than 20 seconds ago. Little things like that, but over the years of continued pot smoking, one can expect their past to all become a bit hazy.

To impose this memory loss due to smoking pot, can become very harmful to ones self, as the fragments of their past and themselves, are forgotten.

To say that an effect of marijuana is short-term memory loss, is actually very misleading. Because this short-term memory loss, leads to continual memory loss if you smoke daily, which gradually results in an individuals inability to make rational decisions. This is because you will become very unsure of yourself, and your own ideas, if you are always changing them, due to forgetfulness.

A lot of stoner's, contradict themselves and change their minds very often. My partner for example, he's 24 years old, he's been a builder, a fisherman, a computer techi, a real estate agent, a truck driver, labourer, fruit picker and more..Where did any of these things get him??? NOWHERE. Because he's constantly doubting himself, and changing his mind, because he has forgotten the part of him who knows what he wants.

Often the full-time stoner in employment creates a vicious cycle for themselves,with their flighty attitudes. This vicious cycle will either be, attain employment, leave or get fired for not turning up often enough, get another job, or get unemployment benefit, and then the same thing will happen again. Few stoners will be capable of actual careers.

Unlike other drugs, you are in control of your actions when you smoke weed, but you are not in control of your train of thought.

Getting high, causes the brain to conger up all kinds of ideas, that you would not have thought of if you were straight. A lot of stoners have some brilliant ideas, but 99% of the time, these ideas do not get put into action because marijuana robs you of motivation and energy.

If there's one thing that all stoners have it common, it's an 'I'll do it tomorrow' attitude. They say 'I'll do it tomorrow' often, but tomorrow doesn't come for the full time stoner, they are trapped in fantasy world.

It's so sad, the amount of people who smoke weed, whom cut themselves off from people they love and care for, because they simply don't have the motivation to even be bothered talking half the time.

Smoking weed is indulgent, which leads to other over indulgences. Generally in the form of food or alcohol. Food tastes better when your high, many a time have i made gone for late night missions to Maccas! Luckily i have a fantastic metabolism, so i didn't really ever put on weight due to the munchies, but i know many people whom have.

Also because of this over indulgence, most people whom smoke weed will live paycheck to pay check. They tend to live beyond their budget, due to their over indulgences and unrealistic views.

Unrealistic views are mainly about not having an understanding of the importance of certain aspects of ones life. For example, living pay check to pay check, the stoner doe's not respect money, or having an understanding of the importance of it. The stoner wants money to get things they want, without realizing that you NEED money to survive, and you NEED to save money, to secure your future...Responsibility...what's that?

You've probably seen in movies when people get high, their laughing and having a good time. Although that reaction is common with marijuana, don't be fooled, it doesn't make one happy. It makes one numb. Any concerns a stoner may have, are irrelevant once they get high, but problems don't just disappear. The stoner suppresses emotions, and when they don't have a next a hit, these suppressed emotions can come down on them like a ton of bricks, causing depression. So they keep smoking to numb, as they often can't handle realistic human emotions when they are straight.

So if smoking pot was the social norm, i believe there would be a higher rate of unemployment, more people on the streets, more businesses going bust, more people that are hurt by the stoner's laziness, and more people with chronic depression!


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