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Why is there so much judgement in the world today?

People have their beliefs, mind set, ethics, and morals, but Why oh why do people feel the need to push their own (insert opinion here) on others people? Is it the constant need to be right that some people have? The need to start arguments? Is everyone (like this) so closed minded that they can't open their minds to the possibility that there ARE other solutions, beliefs, religions, moral standards, and whatever else out there? Why is it so hard for people to just let other life if it isn't affecting their lives? Live and let live.


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cjhunsinger says

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3 years ago
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    Nicole (baybpnk) 3 years ago

    I don't agree with "agreeing to disagree" is a bad thing. It saves some people- probably not a good thing in the Political world, I would guess. But it is not okay to always shove your own opinion down other peoples throat, you cant grow that way.