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Better then Obama Care: Health Plan

Updated on October 3, 2011

With all the hoopla in today news about health care this health care that it amazes me that our government can not find a better solution then the ones they have been presenting. So I ask the question what is the problem that needs to be fixed. I hear so many different answers, but the one that sticks out the most is providing health care to all. Why does this seem to imply a change to insurance companies? Why can it not be about the government actually providing the care instead of provide the payment. I am writing here to propose an outside the box health care reform. This plan is based on the problem of providing health care to those who can not afford it.

First the government should use one or more of its many useless buildings or bases and convert them into a teaching hospitals. These hospital bases will provide all for its teachers and students, all of the necessities of life . So the teachers will be paid for their service with room and board and funding for further research. Students who have proved their worth with high grades, academic excellence, and wish to become doctors out of a desire to heal and not capitalistic gain can enroll at no cost. While they are learning they will be helping with everything the hospital needs to provide care for it's patients. The students will also be provided with the necessities of life in exchange for their hard work. Upon completing their training the new student doctor will continue to work for the system for a number of years in exchange for their education, after which they will be allowed to open a private practice if they choose or stay on as teachers of the next generation. The patients of these hospitals will be those who can not afford health insurance or care from private institutions. In addition those you choose to go to a government run hospital will be charged according to their income. Yes most of this will have to be funded by taxes, taxes which are paid by everyone even those receiving care. The fact that training will be provided in exchange for work, will keep over head down and reduce the need for outrageous care costs. The doctors having everything they need to live provided for them there is no need to provide wages to them or for a salary to pay back any excessive education debt they would have normally accumulate in the system we have now.

These government hospitals can then be established in every major city in the U.S. each with a staff of fully trained professionals who want to heal for the sake of healing not for capital gain. This system will also be able to provide experimental treatments and research. Which is normally not provided due to lack of coverage on the part of current insurance companies. I feel this plan as this will open health care up to an explosion of new and better treatments and cures. It may also be possible for this system to create and provide their line of pharmaceuticals reduce the cost of over priced drug currently on the market. Health care should not be a business, nor should the decisions be made as if it were. Other benefits of this system is the creation of new janitorial and clerical jobs, there the plan just helped reduce unemployment too.

Now I am sure you may be asking. If this was so, then why would anyone go elsewhere for treatment?

Well, I believe that the rich and the upper middle class (those who can afford non government care) will ultimately choose to seek care in the private sector of experienced professionals. I also stated before that government hospitals will charge on an income curve so those with high income will pay more for their care at a government hospital. This will of course provide competition between private and government care for the patronage of the middle and upper class. So a private practice doctor could ideally charge less for his services then what the government hospital would to those of this income level. Of course these charges would most likely be less then currently, considering that these private doctors will not need to pay off enormous medical school debt.

I realize that the infrastructure of this endeavor maybe quite costly but, I am sure it would be far less then what is before the house and senate at the moment. It will take time to implement but will be well worth it in the end for the future of our great nation!

I may not have all the details worked out here, so I encourage comments and discussion.


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    • irving6cunningha profile image

      irving6cunningha 7 years ago

      so much for good ole freedom in America!