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The Obama Plan Cannabis Conspiracy- Will weed wreck the world?

Updated on June 15, 2011

I have discovered Obama's master plan of world domination. While listening to news and the discussions of friends and others on the legislation being passed under the Obama-nation administration. Some key pieces started to rattle in my brain like garbage cans in the early morning hours of garbage day. These pieces eventually calmed down and fell into place like a puzzle. It was a awesome 'ahh ha' moment, for sure. My theory is that Obama and his friends have a four step agenda to take over everything using cannabis (marijuana, weed, grass, pot) as their weapon of choice.

Step one was brought to light early in Obama's administration. Obama has made it policy for each state to create and enforce their own laws pertaining to the use and sale of medical marijuana. The NY Times reported "Justice Department’s enforcement policy would now be restricted to traffickers who falsely masqueraded as medical dispensaries". Currently there are about 14 states that allow the use and sale of cannabis for medical use. Which means that now prescriptions can be handed out for a long list of aliments known to benefit from marijuana, including but not limited to: depression, cancer, anxiety, and eating disorders. Many of these disorders are categorized as mental and chronic which are hard to disprove.

Step two was fulfilled recently when the Obama-nation managed to pass a health care bill that has outraged many Americans. One of the main reasons for outrage is, as Associated content reports, "Dems are insisting that sex offenders, who need to diminish their sex drive (not increase it) are given their viagra...on your dime". Now I don't know for sure if the democrats are fighting for the sex offenders or not, but I think they were just not excluded in the section about prescription payment in the bill. Which brings me to this conclusion, prescription marijuana may also be covered and paid for with tax dollars.

Step three has just speculation at this point, but I hear that the next major move by the Obama-nation will be reform illegal immigrants. Baltimore Sun reports says that White House officials are already making promises to the Latino community that Obama’s immigration reform policy will be a huge part of his agenda for 2010 despite it being an election year. Obama has also admitted openly that this reform will include a fast path to citizenship or amnesty if you will. Taking in to consideration that a major portion of this countries marijuana is smuggled in from our neighbors Canada and Mexico. I suspect that this a way to increase the import of this medicinal herb with less legal risk.

Alright lets review. Medical marijuana will now be legal in states that want it to be. Prescriptions for marijuana may also be covered by government health care (funded by you the tax payer). Immigration reform may increase the importation of marijuana from our friends in Canada and Mexico.

Step four, take control by whatever means necessary while the pot-heads aren't paying attention.

Obama's Cannibis Conspiracy Theory

This is my theory. Marijuana will now be more readily available to masses which could result in a nation of Americans with an altered state of mind. These newly created cannabis zombies will now have a 'I don't care' attitude about any important issues that may effect their futures. The Obama-nation will now be able to control and change the world to whatever socialistic empire they wish.

Personally I have no problems with medical marijuana. In fact I am an advocate of this centuries old medicine that we as a society have demonized. Equally so, I am all for health care reform (just not what they just passed) and a less complicated citizenship process (this country was built by immigrants after all). This theory is provided with the warning of what may be a possible future and is stated with a bit of sarcasm.

Comments and opinions are welcome.

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    • profile image

      samuel carbery 6 years ago

      cannabis oil cures cancer and many other serious diseases this is the real conspiracy pharmacuetical companies lobby to keep it illegal as they make billions on treatments that dont work

    • jetta17 profile image

      jetta17 6 years ago

      Hey man, I'm sure there is a conspiracy surrounding the MMJ industry. I don't think it is based on the matter of an America that doesn't care anymore though. I am actually more interest in how MONSANTO is going to release its GM Cannabis. There is a lot of controversy over this particular strain of cannabis. Take a look on the web. Prop 19 in Cali. almost was a route for this mutant strain to be released. If Monsanto releases its GM cannabis, the whole illegal and legal industry will be flipped upside down. Take a look and let me know what you think

    • blackmarx profile image

      blackmarx 7 years ago from Rice Lake, WI

      It is Amazing the amount of self proclaimed pot smokers, just don't get the sarcasm in this article. It seems to go right over their heads. Maybe they did not finish reading the article, I don't know. But this is a spoof a gaff a funny ha-ha article please understand this before you go getting offended or upset because your an intelligent pot smoker.

    • profile image

      joel 7 years ago

      I just wanted to say that as a "stoner" I still care about what happens in this country. I do what I can but until the masses actually connect and correct the obvious problems with our government, nothing will change. I really don't think that Obama or any president will try a global takeover, however the REAL powers that be might.

    • profile image

      jay 7 years ago

      Whether marijuana becomes legal or not, it will never change the fact that many people's lives have been adversely affected from smoking weed. There is a prime example of this

    • profile image

      okeee 7 years ago

      Ah, sorry. I'm not a regular visitor here so I clearly missed the sarcasm (and obviously the disclaimer at bottom). Clearly your satire was spot on, as your "theory" is pretty far-fetched, but definitely not as insane as other ridiculous conspiracy theories that now enjoy popular support.

      Anyhow, I feel I should apologize for any hostility in my previous comment, as it was an embarrassing misunderstanding.

      Take care.

    • blackmarx profile image

      blackmarx 7 years ago from Rice Lake, WI

      okeee, First off thank you fro the comment.

      Second I wonder if you read the whole article. Maybe you missed that last paragraph I or the sarcasm went over your head, this was merely sarcastic humor meant to address the hypocritical nonsense that is the current administration.

      Thank you again for sharing your opinion, it is always welcome.

    • profile image

      okeee 7 years ago

      Wow. Marijuana is a plant. It grows in the ground. Its use should never have been prohibited in the first place. You seem to have completely dismissed the possibility that the president's attitude toward marijuana stems from his recognition that current laws are ridiculous. Instead, you propose that the legalization of medical marijuana (which began in 1996) is part of an orchestrated plot to instill apathy in the populace by turning everyone into pot-heads who are too stoned to pay attention to current national affairs. I, as a daily consumer of marijuana, take offense with this. Many Americans are already misinformed and uninterested in regards to the political process. Your 'theory', aside from bringing into question your own understanding of our political machinations, only serves as more white noise that drowns out serious discussion about the direction of this country.

      Now, to refute your claims:

      Step 1 - Yes, Attorney General Eric Holder made a statement declaring that the DEA would no longer raid legal medical marijuana dispensaries. This is not the first step to world domination. It is the recognition of the rights of individual states. The federal government has no business interfering with state laws passed by the voters of that state unless it is in violation of the Constitution. This is a victory for proponents of state's rights.

      Step 2 - Your inclusion of sex offenders receiving Viagra as an analogy for people receiving marijuana under the new health care bill is both trivial and unnecessary. If marijuana is eventually provided under these new rules, it is not part of a world domination conspiracy. The medical advantages of marijuana are well documented and, as a natural plant, it should be prescribed before any man-made, potentially addictive drug such as Vicodin, Oxycotin, and Percocet.

      Step 3 - Yes, we have massive amounts of marijuana coming into our country from Mexico and Canada. This is because marijuana is illegal in the United States and, due to tremendous demand, there is an incredible profit to be made. Illegal immigrants gaining citizenship will not increase the influx of illegal marijuana from Mexico. Medical marijuana dispensaries do not rely on marijuana from Mexico and Canada. They are authorized to cultivate their own to sell to patients.

      Step 4 - Many people, certainly more than all of the pot-heads, already do not pay attention to what is going on. Television, celebrities, sports, and numerous other distractions are already well implemented in our society. These are the things you should be concerned with, not the legalization of marijuana.

    • profile image

      Brian Bergeron 7 years ago

      Historic statewide initiative in California to legalize, control, and tax cannabis. Help build national support for the movement. Sign up on the website, join the campaign!

    • blackmarx profile image

      blackmarx 7 years ago from Rice Lake, WI

      Oh yes Pamela, you need money and power for world domination. ;)

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 7 years ago from United States

      Interesting theory and the other thing is he will want to tax the it to the hilt.

    • Michael Shane profile image

      Michael Shane 7 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

      Interesting topic!

    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      well explained is helps people give to them for medical, purpose only