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Researchers/Teachers who expose lies, secrets and scripted mayhem.

Updated on December 8, 2015
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Nicholl McGuire has been providing useful content on websites since 2007. Learn more about her business Nicholl McGuire Media.

Wake Up!

When I watched a movie a long time ago by Spike Lee entitled, "School Daze." I didn't realize why at the end of the story there were so many people being told to, "Wake up!" It wasn't until many years later that I would wake up to everything from why I made certain decisions in both my personal and professional lives that seemed to benefit others more than they benefited me to who am I and what exactly is my purpose for living?

I felt like somehow my life had been orchestrated by a conductor that I didn't choose, didn't know, and didn't want to do what he/she asked (unless of course I could see something in what this person or group promised). But when the harsh reality of truth hit me in the face, both emotionally and physically, somehow I reasoned that along the way I lost myself, I had been entrapped in a lie that looked and acted like others (see Laboring to Love Myself by Nicholl McGuire).

The directive that most belonging to groups followed both consciously and unconsciously was "Listen and obey." I grew weary of following orders from meaningless groups. Myself and others were reminded by leaders, mentors and parents in either a strict tone or kind voice, "Don't ask questions, just do and you will go far in life." They warned us niave youth, in so many words, "If you should start down that path of researching outside the realms of what you have been told and asking questions that might make others feel uncomfortable, then you will be deemed a trouble-maker. Therefore, mind your own business and don't share your business or anyone else's no matter how wrong you think it is!" Parents had raised me well. College experience had helped too. But little did any of them know, in the midst of many frustrating moments, living inside this cage of a body--when my back was up against the wall, I would call on one greater than man and woman! One who was in another dimension beyond what eyes could see, nose could smell, hands could touch, and tongue could taste-- that one I would embrace was the Holy One, the author of truth, and I didn't need a religion to relate to Him. When that happened, oh yes, all hell broke loose! See Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic by Nicholl McGuire.

So welcome to this page of trouble-makers, truth-seekers, truth-tellers, conspiracy theorists, etc. who sacrificed much to alert people to the deception that lies among us motivated by a great evil living amongst us. The journey won't be easy, might be scary for some, and you just might be marked by relatives and friends as "off, crazy, weird..." Oh well, it all comes with the territory. Jesus was considered a demon, strange, and more in his day. If you believe in him, are Holy Spirit indwelled, then don't be surprised when the walking dead will call you the same if worse.

I thank you for stopping by, now let's get going...awake!

John Wayne Todd c.1950 - November 10, 2007 American speaker and conspiracy theorist. He claimed to be a former occultist.

Milton William Bill Cooper May 6, 1943 – November 5, 2001 American conspiracy theorist, radio broadcaster, and author best known for his 1991 book Behold a Pale

William Bill Cooper Books

Alex Jones and Bill Cooper Interview

Learn to Ask the 5 Ws and the One H of Society

It doesn't matter how old you are, what country you reside, your gender, or skin color, you and your families' buying habits, personal life choices, and more are being influenced by influential people who wake up thinking, "What more do I need to do to become more wealthy, powerful, obtain fame, etc.?"

Many wealthy people have their share of personality disorders. They mask them behind shiny cars, big homes, and large bank accounts. They are never satisfied even when they get what they want. They emotionally and/or physically abuse the poor, widows, children, women, and others they deem weak, ignorant, and useless to humanity.

If one would just sit down long enough and ask of trouble-making relatives, groups, and others on the sides of good and evil, "Why?" You might discover unexpected breakthrough. Things around you just might start to make sense and who knows, you might move toward positive change for you and your family.

Below are some examples to get you on that path toward learning more about those things you didn't bother to ask about during high school and beyond:

1. What is really in my food? What legislation has been passed to allow certain substances to enter my food and how much? Check out fetal skin, feces, horses, rodents, insects, and other things you might have heard about or suspect.

2. Why do we often hear certain musicians on the radio and not others? Why do these same artists receive so many accolades and why do they end up with many addictions over the course of their careers?

3. Local, national and international government affiliates, lawyers, law enforcement, entertainers, etc.-- what are their affiliations and what and who do they support? (Follow the money trail). What "other jobs" do they have? What do the symbols and hand signs they display really mean?

4. How is popular music, movies, books, etc. really affecting my mood/subconscious? For instance, has a song been altered in some way to control my mind? Is hypnosis being used? What bout the movies and television shows, what are the agendas?

5. Does the church you attend really helping or hurting me? What secret societies does the church leadership really belong to?

6. Is the news you hear really the truth? What am I not being told?

7. What medicines have been pushed lately? What are the side effects? What are the long term effects of certain prescription medicines I've been taking? What is your doctor not telling you?

8. Why are certain items you purchase cost more this month, then last month?

9. Take a look at your financial portfolio and compare it to last year. Notice any patterns where you are steadily losing money rather than gaining? Who stands to benefit from your loss?

10. How is your family's safety being impacted--vehicles you drive, toys your children play with, appliances you use, electronic devices you carry, body products you use on you skin, things you put in your mouth, eyes, nose, ears, and throat? Do you know what others are really saying about those items you buy? Note: People are paid or receive incentives to give positive reviews on many things. Bypass the raving reviews. Look for pros and cons in testimonials.

Don't believe the hype! Awaken those who slumber.

Jordan Maxwell on Occult World Leaders

When the Research is No Longer Conspiracy

According to Wikipedia, "a conspiracy theory explains an event as being the result of an alleged plot by a covert group or organization or, more broadly, the idea that important political, social or economic events are the products of secret plots that are largely unknown to the general public."

Since researching conspiracy theories and theorists for myself, the labels of "conspiracy theorists" or "conspiracy theory" tend to be placed on the reputable researchers, as well as those not-so famous, even when findings prove to be accurate, credible and less theory but more fact-based. A theory is no longer that when it goes beyond the idea stage and has become something like a front page news story that includes much evidence and proof.

Many researchers gather their information from present or former insiders of an established group as well as personal experience and public stories. The good about a conspiracy theory is that it challenges you to think, the bad is that it comes dangerously close to yellow journalism, a term simply meaning deceptive news void of facts.

You know when researchers are close to the truth concerning a government cover-up, a cheating athlete, a disgruntled former worker, a bitter spouse, or a greedy, power-hungry organization, because they start having enemies. They are threatened, silenced, lied on, and personal freedoms are taken away. Some researchers listed on this page were unfortunately murdered but of course, their stories have to look like they brought their misfortune on themselves.

Disinformation Agents?

Arizona Wilder, Revelations of a Mother Goddess

Truth Used to Convince You to Believe Lies

When you were a child you most likely lied repeatedly to your parents about numerous things from where you were during a certain hour to what you were doing in your room. The art of lying, so to speak, hasn't changed once we become adults. To lie still means to tell false stories. But the challenge is to convince others who are far more skilled at lying to believe one's lies. A disinformation agent does this by mixing in truth with his or her falsehoods.

You can't persuade others to believe your truth without mixing in some of their personal experiences, thoughts, etc. The disinformation agent must be aware of how one might react to truth in advance so that a rebuttal is created in case the story is rejected. Therefore, the agent will find the kind of truth that pulls on one's heart strings, overthrows long-held traditions, scares you to death, and do other similar things to get you to believe the false stories behind the truth.

The purpose of the disinformation agent's false stories is to keep you from learning what the truth really is especially if it is going to take money, power or fame from an individual or group. If you believe that there are supernatural forces of good and evil, then you should know that there is one side that desires to help you and another that hopes to destroy you. If you choose to believe what each side says without doing your own personal research then you will find a mixture of both lies and truths coming from those who are strategically set aside to help one side or the other. The problem with disinformation agents is that you never reach an honest conclusion listening to them. Instead, you find yourself making u-turns in your quest to seek knowledge. Once you think you know something you are back to square one again or questioning other things that may or may not be related to the topic at hand. Meanwhile, you are left confused and irritated because the dots just don't seem to connect.

It seems that those who have stumbled on some real knowledge and have shared what they know with the public do in fact experience much hardship and worse die. But disinformation agents tend to cut deals behind closed doors with the enemy. There are those who pushed into a corner and will shake hands on what they will and will not reveal to the public. Others are threatened and will avoid certain topics rather than sell-out--do future business deals with an enemy. Some of these disinformation agents purposely put information out that doesn't expose the establishment, but protects it. When you see signs of this, back away from that researcher. Maybe they once had great information that was credible, but as they became more successful in their career, things changed.

Pay attention to symbols, hand-signs, attire, and the way the researcher communicates to others. Notice differences in what they say and do and compare your observations to how they behaved in the past. Is this person (or group) still standing up for truth or is he or she becoming less vocal on certain subject matters? Does this person appear odd even scared of someone or something when being interviewed?

Beware of those who act as agents and accuse others of being agents even when there is no proof. Don't assume that because someone has a large following he or she is trustworthy. Also, keep in mind before you defend someone as being "a great researcher--working for the people..." consider this, he or she is still alive while many other researchers have died. Is he or she really a truth-teller, researcher, or conspiracy theorists, or nothing more than an informant, an agent or provocateur?

Cisco Wheeler, Author, Speaker and Former Sex Slave


If you have read the Holy Bible and any other historic writings that contain the experiences of one who speaks truth, then you know that many prophets, teachers, and followers of Jesus had enemies and were eventually murdered. Jesus was one of the most popular of his time and one of the most threatening to the establishment--government leadership.

Those of you who consider yourselves followers of Jesus may experience the same fate with family, friends, business, and more. You may find yourself homeless, jobless, and hungry wondering where is God in all of this. I recall, researcher Steve Coakley telling his audience one day that he lost everything exposing the black elite's practices and bringing other information to light.

Jesus paid a price to share some profound knowledge--the kind that helped us supernaturally. Now it is your turn reader, you must share peace, progress, and God's perfect will for those who he wants to save. How might you do that? Seek him. Find out what group or individuals around you need to be freed from a matrix of sorts whether that web of confusion is contrived by a family member, friend, or even a leader in your community, nationally or internationally.

Take a moment to learn more about Jesus, the society he lived in, and what he did to bring God's perfect will to pass before setting out on any unknown paths. Consider this, your efforts might be cut short if you don't walk with the one who Created you. Also, note that people can be your friend today, like they were with Jesus, but then your enemy tomorrow. So don't share everything you know with everyone--God bless!

Nicholl McGuire

Which media source do you think makes the biggest impact on public brainwashing?

See results

Predictive Programming - Alan Watt

Undetectable Mind Control Slave Fritz Springmeier

Techniques to Keep You Believing Lies, Acting in Ways that Others Want

You are not your own. I repeat, you are not your own. Someone somewhere whether God, man, woman, or the devil, someone has claimed you. You say, "Not so. That's is ridiculous. I awake each day because I want to. I buy what I want when I want it. I take care of myself, no one owns me." But the truth is, no one perse owns you, that is until you start testing the waters, so to speak. You begin to plan, organize, seek a better life, or desire more for self and family, now you are going to see up close and personal what power over your life you truly have. Outside of your dwelling, you don't have much freedom. Sure, you have the freedom of choice, but even your decisions have been manipulated somewhat. From the television shows that you watch to the radio show you are listening to while you drive, someone is controlling you, they are preparing you to make decisions not based on what you really want, but what they feel you will do. They are predicting your future.

Since most of us will not sit down and let someone tell us what to do without rebuttal, what better way to make people do what is required of them is by putting one's desire in a cool commercial, cartoon, movie, or a face that you or I can identify with. Don't want to listen to a black man's suggestion to buy a certain product, no worries, we have a white male about your age or an Asian, Italian or someone else that has even the same build as you. These "options" we are given when we shop, view things both on and offline, make love, parent, work, attend school, and more are systematically controlled for certain groups' best interests. Whatever the agenda for the group you belong to is what reigns supreme and they will move you to do what they want especially if your needs interfere with their goals. So think twice before you join a group, sign on the dotted line when making a purchase, or go somewhere with a friend, "What is this really about?" you should ask yourself.

Perform your own research on various tactics used by advertising agencies, public relations personel, government, law enforcement, even teachers and pastors to get you to conform your views, buying habits, control yourself and family, and more.

While you sleep, someone or an organization is up at night thinking of yet another way to tap your brain. I think of the abuser and the abused in a relationship (something I was once in at a very young age, see Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate by Nicholl McGuire) and what I found is that those sociopaths who rule our nation are very much like the one running an abusive relationship. Here are some things they do on a large scale to get all of us to behave--ultimately do what they want like hand over our children, money and lives to them. I created this list based on my own research being around and working for controlling individuals and groups.

1. Use various signs, symbols, colors, and more to communicate a message whether good, bad or otherwise to cause the reaction that they want.

2. Encourage people to use "fun" devices and visit "fun" places that will keep them from interacting with others to organize, protest, brainstorm, or do other things that might go against a company, organization, or other groups that manipulate, steal, cheat, kill, or lie.

3. Moves the discerning or skeptical type who questions one's actions or inactions to not trust others. Creates unecessary and fruitless arguments in an effort to distract the masses from investigating the individual or group.

4. Will refuse basic requests for help or will cause an "unfortunate" situation to occur so that one will rely on the one supposedly able to assist. Of course, there is fine print if you depend upon a controlling individual to help you.

5. Threatens boldly or subtly when one doesn't follow instructions. May list consequences if one doesn't act within a specified time frame (ie. fearmongering).

6. Rewards person or group with something nice like a bonus, a money-saving opportunity, or gift. Never anything really worth bragging about.

7. Asks for help so as to appear like he or she needs the individual or group sometimes. This is an attempt to build trust. However, assistance may be needed to meet some goals, so a persuasive argument is give usually followed with some benefit offered.

There are other things that people with evil or selfish intent do, so watch as well as pray. Check out Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic if you are a believer, I have a chapter with similar subject matter in the book.

Steve Cokely June 17, 1952 - April 11, 2012

Monarch Slaves

Lenon Honor

Brice Taylor

Former Secret Group Member Svali (not real name)

Aaron H. Swartz (November 8, 1986 – January 11, 2013) was an American computer programmer, writer, political organizer, and Internet activist.

Cathy O'Brien

Take some time to seek truth about your own family!  Dispel myths, free others, and welcome perfect peace.
Take some time to seek truth about your own family! Dispel myths, free others, and welcome perfect peace. | Source

Lisa McPherson

Hub Creator's Instructional Video on Television Programming

RIP - A Tribute to Deceased Christian Researchers

7 Things That Have Been Proven Again and Again When Researching Entertainment Industry

There is no disputing the following things when it comes to researching celebrities in music, sports, media, and other industries.

One. Fraternal groups, unions, associations, connections--you name it, get one favor.

Two. Women, men, boys, and girls are sexualized very young in life. They are expected to service the twisted desires of those who have much money in our land and are used to test those who seek power, fame and fortune.

Three. Signs, symbols, colors, and other things are used to communicate secret messages among the elect. Note: This includes faith based groups and televangelists--and you thought they were innocent!

Four. Media ie.) nightly news, music videos, print media, internet ads, pornography, commercials, etc. are used to distract, persuade, and move the masses to do whatever the elite wants for a period of time before the scripts are changed again and again. For example, today's beloved entertainer has been specifically marketed to a certain target market to get them to do something. Once goals have been accomplished, the used and abused are taken out of the spotlight.

Five. Popular celebrities (actors, singers, dancers, musicians, artists, comedians, TV producers...) have more than one job--they are used to promote specific messages whether they personally agree or not by top officials. If they object, share what they know or worse insult their handlers, they are stripped of their careers, or they or someone they know is murdered. See my blog, They Lie Wait.

Six. Government is not your friend--big brother is your master and you are his slave. Over the years you have seen repeatedly your rights, money, service and whatever else you do for your country is not considered when the following happens: elite groups want to change policies, government leaders war in foreign territory in an effort to take something or someone, rights are taken away from the people, or one of the intelligent of the group simply wants to test an idea/program/drug on the public.

To help program the masses, movies are created to get you to react to things you wouldn't have otherwise thought about--got ya and you thought that movie was so great, you will be thinking differently sooner or later ie.) Remember all the movies that started including a black president before there ever was one or what about people buying certain products/gadgets after seeing them in movies!

Seven. Big gaming events are fixed. You have been conditioned to believe that every bad call is just that, but bad calls dictate outcomes and so does beloved athletes who fake injuries, participate in supposed scandals, have illnesses, etc. They are pawns who help bring attention to everything from non-profit groups to pharmaceutical drugs. And you thought they were paid all that money because they could dribble a ball well, drive a fast car, or do other "cool or fun" things. Athletes have other jobs that you aren't privvy to. Some are offered payment to service the needs of very powerful individuals--no matter how immoral or unethical.

Think twice when you see some entertainers posing with unlikely people in various social groups--ugh!

So the next time you set out on your research to uncover something "new," find a different angle.

Scripted Media Exposed Based on a Secret Society Card Game


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  • nmcguire7 profile imageAUTHOR

    Nicholl McGuire 

    5 years ago from Los Angeles County

    Yes, I agree! I've had my share of challenges since 2009 when I decided to embark on this journey of uncovering lies. I have seen more and more disinformation agents posing as truth-seekers/tellers as well. One researcher backed off of certain material related to the Hip Hop Industry after being threatened.

  • sparkster profile image

    Sparkster Publishing 

    5 years ago from United Kingdom

    Ha nice one, this is good stuff. I've just published a hub about Bill Cooper myself today then I spotted this in the feed. The problem is many people simply refuse to even look into the "conspiracy theories" even when many of them have already been proven to hold some truth. I understand that many people just don't have the time or the motivation and some would rather not know but people are just way too quick to label something as a "conspiracy theory" without looking criticially at the supporting (and opposing) evidence.

    I agree with Cooper - read and listen to everything you can, don't believe any of it, take it all in and then come to your own conclusions.


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