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Which is better Obamacare or Romneycare?

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    screamingposted 5 years ago

    Seeing as Obamacare was modeled off of Romneycare, why are Republicans against the bill now? Whether mandated at a State or Federal Level, it's virtually the same bill! And given the fact that ROmney was quoted as Romneycare being good at a federal level years ago. How can you call Obama a Liberal and a Socialist when Romney appears to be of the same threads! Am I to assume Romney is really a Liberal Democrat in Republican disguise?

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      JaxsonRaineposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      First, it's not up to the federal government, we keep seeing state rights taken over by federal government(that's a bad thing).

      Secondly, I'm not crazy about Romneycare, but if the majority of people in a state want to have it, they can have it. I like Romney's plan to let the states decide. It encourages innovation, creativity, and competition, which all help in free markets.

      Romney did things as governor that I don't like, but he was governor of a state that is more liberal than I am, and that's kind of the point of politicians, to represent the people.

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    screamingposted 5 years ago

    But still basically the same. Obamacare modeled after a approved Republican healthcare program. No, because they are getting credit for it, it's no good. But then again, anything that may be good is immediately no good if the Republicans didn't iniate it!

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    Cagsilposted 5 years ago

    Here's an example of RomneyCare in action.

    My mother being 62 years old, decided to take early retirement, so she now collects Social Security(not having planned for her own retirement) and she recently turn 65 this year.

    However, during those 3 years, these are the events in which I've had to deal with with regards to her medical issues.

    She was working full-time before semi-retirement, she cut her hours to the minimum required to get health insurance. When RomneyCare went into effect, her employer change the minimum requirement to 30 hours. Thus, dropping coverage for everyone who didn't work 30 hours or more.

    My mother lost her insurance. She was forced to go with the Health Connector Network RomneyCare put in place to ensure health insurance for those who could qualify for more expensive plans, because she couldn't pay for the more expensive plans. However, the insurance cost her $40 more a month than when she received her insurance through work.

    To top that off, she dealt with it $116.00 per month, until she turned 65 because that changed everything...she was forced onto Medicare and has to buy supplemental insurance for things not covered under Medicare.

    Medicare is $115 now, and it comes directly out of her Social Security check. Not to mention, she has to pay $40+ a month for her supplemental insurance.

    Not only did RomneyCare screw people in more ways than one, but the Federal Government and it's policies with regards to Social Security is absolutely frightening.

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    mio cidposted 5 years ago

    Both are basically the same. much better than both would be a single payer system.