Indian Democracy--successful Institution

  1. pramodgokhale profile image45
    pramodgokhaleposted 5 years ago

    I am an Indian, enjoying freedom of expression, my thanks to our government.Freedom of Expression is important tool of Democracy.After the WW II colonies across the globe got freedom from their colonial masters and began their development .These group of nations were called third world nations means underdeveloped or backward.India is the only country in this group with democracy sustained and going stronger.1947 Pt Nehru declared India as democratic nation and secularism and Judiciary the other pillars of India.Over 65 years , Governments at center came and gone and Voters changed them at will. There are flaws as critics  pointed, but
    feudal and affluent class domination, 500 princely states ,merger in Indian federation was difficult job,process was completed smoothly .Democracy has roots in India.RIT rights to information is tool we got , to inquire government  function ,schemes ,truth. One government goes ,new government is in smooth democratic process.Uprising in other countries against governments is a signal, how important is Democracy.Indian Democracy is a successful Institution.

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    recommend1posted 5 years ago

    I agree, despite drawbacks and flaws, Indian democracy is much closer to the democratic ideal than the UK who gave birth to it, and far superior to the joke of democracy in the US.

    Some observers might criticise the speed of change in issues that are 'signs' of true democracy,  I note that the indentured workers in the south of India are only just now getting the freedom to change employers if they choose, a long time since 1947 to end this form of slavery.  This is not a criticism so much as pointing out that democracy is a continuous process and not a set goal.