The 2012 Election – Both candidates are the champions of fools!

  1. Backwater Sage profile image60
    Backwater Sageposted 5 years ago

    The Native Americans have a philosophy we would all do well to adopt, “Live peacefully on the earth and leave a soft footprint.” Those of us who are trying to do just that are being overpowered by forces of pure economic interest who categorize everything in the environment as a commodity.
    I saw the debate . . . energy policy? Hello?! We are at the crux of change. We need to face reality. Oil is running out, and blah, blah. I don’t have a car. I ride a bike, use public transportation, or hook a ride. I have been doing this since my painting business bit the dust when the Florida real estate bubble broke. From my new vantage point, I realized that this is an automobile culture that is driving off without me.
    I was doing well. I had just invested in a new van and equipment. I was poised to make a killing. The next big development that we had contracted is still just paved roads and street signs with a monumental Identification sign and a locked gate. The “land-scrape and manufacture buildings” machine ceased up in just one day. The patsy international investors have no idea how bad they were being gouged!
    What did I hear them say? Open federal land for drilling? I can see them eyeballing us and licking their chops over the meager reserves off our Gulf Coast. Stop right there!
    Visionary Americans have worked feverishly for over a century to preserve our natural wonders. If DC says you can drill, don’t try it, seriously. No, not Florida! Fear has been quick to take advantage of bewildering circumstances. Greed is maneuvering to drive his lance home for the kill.
    Here is what I have learned. When “unemployment” runs out, sooner or later, you have to quit taking stuff to the pawn shop. “We The People”, sorry about your luck, you’re broke!
    This internal combustion engine thing has been a gas, “You’ll have fun, fun, fun . . . ‘till daddy takes the T-Bird away.” What’s up with all this traffic I see? I know. I took my last hundred dollars and went with my lady to “Squid Lips Seafood Grill” in Eau Gallie, Florida. I think it is called a neurotic release of id tensions or something like that. In other words, you have lost your mind. The age is over, move ahead.
    Seeing the inevitability of our fate, we should take this election like a shot in the gut, and work towards the next one. I strongly suggest that we seek out Native American elders like Buffalo Tiger of the Miccosukee Seminole Tribe, who is the wisest man in Florida in matters like these. Men like him have been dreaming and praying for this day. It is here, and they are fit to lead through these conditions. They have way more experience in the field of culture collapse and subsequent survival.