Cameron Helps Labour Win The next Election

  1. Charles James profile image80
    Charles Jamesposted 5 years ago

    Millions of people in the UK cannot afford the rent on their homes. For many years the government has subsidised rents for low income families.
    Households change. Children grow up and go away. Many people live in properties that are bigger than they now need, They have spare bedrooms. Some of those households receive Housing Benefit.

    There is a rational case for encouraging swops and reorganisation so people who are overcrowded can live in bigger properties and people who are overhoused move to smaller properties. One could do this sensitively and create a better life for everyone. One could even give financial incentives to take in homeless individuals and couples.

    What the Conservative-Liberal coalition have done is to say that Housing Benefit will only be paid for the size of household you actually need. Millions of people will have their benefits reduced

    But there are not enough small properties available for rent. And so millions people who would willingly downsize cannot downsize. They will be financially penalised for staying put. How do you think they will vote at the next election? Not Conservative or Liberal!
    Probably Labour.