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Which is more important? The economy or climate change?

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    Sophia Angeliqueposted 4 years ago

    So here's the question.

    According to climate change theory, when it eventually happens (we're 2 or 3 decades ahead of the time when we could have changed it, so it's started), drought will come to places where previously food grew, and extreme weather events will flood plaines, have wind that blows down buildings, and cause billions in damage and many, many deaths.

    According to businessmen and politicians, if the economyd doesn't come right, then big business is going to desert the country, and the people who are the victims of wage slavery will not vote for them.


    To my mind, people don't need the economy. People working together to grow food, to build buildings that are flood proof and wind proof, that are looking to protect their water sources can do with by using their hands, what machinery they can pool, and the resources of the earth.

    On the other hand, those people who are focused on trading yellow plastic ducks from China, building better mouse traps, and hoarding in the profits, can just get into their jets and scoot off to the southern hemisphere when climate change hits. And they will have all that money to live well. Of course, that depends on whether the countries in the southern hemisphere (where climate change is not that extreme) will open their doors to them.

    Where do you stand?

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      peoplepower73posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I think they are both important.  If you remove, climate change or global warming (let's call it what it is) from the equation, then we can have some semblance of control over the economy.  However, the effects of global warming are unpredictable.  In other words, there are no schedules for a super-storm or hurricane.  But when they hit, they cause mega dollars of money to be spent to repair the damage and make the victims whole again.  This definitely has a profound effect on the economy. Because as a nation, we are already in debt.  We have to borrow more money to fix things caused be these events.  I read the article and it's not just the poor who live near the beaches; it's also the very rich.

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        Sophia Angeliqueposted 4 years agoin reply to this

        Yes, but did you know this? That in America, if you live near the beach and your house gets damaged by the stone, there is a law that makes the federal govenrment pay for it. I wonder who put that law through...

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      GNelsonposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Sooner or later Climate change will matter most.  Until then we will continue the quarter to quarter chase of the dollar which we can niether eat or breath.

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        Sophia Angeliqueposted 4 years agoin reply to this

        Yes, of course. The climate is changing all the time, whether it's man made or not. Climate goes through cycles. What fascinates me is the number of people who don't realize that one can do work without receiving a profit from it. The work is still there, regardless of whether there is profit or not...