For Those Who Defend Torture

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    Sooner28posted 5 years ago

    We all know the ticking time bomb scenario right?

    The terrorist claims there is a bomb that will blow up an entire town in 30 minutes and he refuses to talk.  The justification for torture asks us to consider torturing the man to get him to tell us where the bomb is before time runs out.  This is just a rough sketch of the argument.

    However, to me, if I were a proponent of the most effective torture possible, and the means justify the ends, then the best course of action is to torture the person's CHILD, if he or she has one.  All parents know how protective they feel of their children, no how matter how old the children are.  What if the parent has a fully grown child that also engages in terrorism and he is able to be captured and tortured until the suspected terrorist parent talks?  This would also assume the child of the terrorist isn't directly involved in the bomb plot.

    If you find this morally abhorrent, I am with you, and I simply ask that you further examine your views on torture, and stop hiding behind euphemisms like "enhanced interrogation techniques," because this state of affairs seems amply justified if one actually makes the claim that torture is ever morally acceptable.

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      Abdul Wahaboneposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      The problem here is the definition of terrorist.
      What if my country killed your parents and family, although you were all innocent, but we deny our crime by saying that all this was collateral damage.
      What would you do then?
      Naturally, you would spend your life destroying them,
      This is the main factor that leads to suicide bombers and terrorists.
      How would anyone understand, I am a Pakistani and i know whats happening in the wazieistan region, drones kill dozens. But the terrorist is the small girl playing in her house right???
      This is third generation warfare my friend, the weapons these days is the media and the money and luxury.
      Gaddafi brought revolution in libya, then the west made him rich so that he could taste luxury, when he did, he deviated from his love for the people, then you know what happend.
      I will give a technique from the latest warfare, If you want to destroy a group which is against you, make the leaders of the group rich.
      Because POVERTY BRINGS UNITY, if they are rich they will be no longer united, they will all be blinded in their desires and wealth.

      1. Abdul Wahabone profile image67
        Abdul Wahaboneposted 5 years agoin reply to this

        They make terrorist then they use high currents to interrogate them, but we believe in the picture made by the media. Again this is third generation warfare, its not something that anyone could understand,
        I apologize for slightly deviating from your topic .