Gun Control.....

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    lesliebyarsposted 5 years ago

    Gun Control is a hard situation. On the one side you want everyone to be safe but on the other side of the coin you don't want to infringe on people's rights to have firearms.

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      Dont Taze Me Broposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Safe?  Everybody wouldn't be safe if no one had a gun, if they didn't exist! Few people heard about the school shooting in gun-filled Wyoming that left three people dead late last year. Do you know why? … eard-About

      The right to have guns isn't for hunting, recreation or even safety - it is to defend against tyranny, to defend our right to liberty. Owning a gun doesn't give anyone the right to kill which is an absurd twisted notion I saw as the topic of a hub recently. Those who think they know it all and are just dead set on gun control  want to characterize the issue in a multitude of ways none of which are true and as long as  the left has the ear of the media that will never change and the truth of any of their issues will never be the focus of debate.
      What is really sad is that the left uses any tragedy they can whenever it occurs to advance their political ideologies with no respect for the truth. They will use natural disasters, massacres, children you name it, they'll have a task force and laws in days. But ask this government why a border patrolman is killed by weapons the government put in the hands of drug dealers or why and how Benghazi resulted in the death of 4 of our own, it will only be years before the families and loved ones of the dead get answers, if ever, from this administration anyway..