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From a Libertarian Viewpoint why is the U.S. divided politically?

  1. peoplepower73 profile image94
    peoplepower73posted 4 years ago

    I have posted two forums on this issue. One is for Conservatives and the other is for Liberals.  This is the third in the series and it is for Libertarians.  Think of these three forums as surveys.  I'm getting some interesting comments on the other two.

    Thanks for your comments in advance.

  2. innersmiff profile image74
    innersmiffposted 4 years ago

    The political divide is one of the greatest modern hoaxes. When you break it down, there is very very little that Democrats and Republicans disagree on. On the economy, they only disagree as to a small degree of government spending, both being committed to inflationary policies and crony capitalism (fascism). On foreign policy, both parties are committed to perpetual warfare, Republicans only wishing Obama would do more of it. Both parties are committed to the drug war. Both parties expand government and regulation. Both parties expand the police state. Both parties want more government intervention in education and health.

    It turns out that 'the great divide' is simply a facade propagated by a media that seeks to entrench a false dichotomy to keep the people in the dark as to:
    1. Who is really in control
    2. What is really happening
    3. What we can do about it.

    If you were to come to the issue clean, you would gather from each side's consensus that the 'right' are a bunch of mouth-breathing, tea-baggers who want to create a Christian-redneck theocracy and the 'left' are a bunch of pinko-commie homosexuals who want to create a socialist state. The reality is more nuanced, and in fact a lot more sinister: the US government is a bi-partisan institution of theft and murder that thrives on a stunted economy, perpetual war and a docile population, and will adopt any political position or ideology if it meets its needs and dump them when they've expired their usage. You think Obama actually believes what he is saying? Just like how he believed, during his first campaign, the government was spending too much, starting too many wars, torturing too many people, not transparent enough . . . it's kind of embarrassing now looking back on it. Romney is a free-market guy? PFFF - he wants just as much government intervention in the economy as Obama.

    In conclusion, the political divide is an illusion.

  3. Patriot Quest profile image60
    Patriot Questposted 4 years ago

    inner, there is some truth hidden in your rant, .............but let us not forget Reagan.........no nonsense, take it to the mat Reagan.............oh how I long for those days again..

    1. innersmiff profile image74
      innersmiffposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      The best thing I can say bout Reagan was that he was funny. Again, he's another big-spender, debt-loving, war-hawk Republican.