Communists Won Russian Elections

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    Comrade Joeposted 5 years ago

    A Moscow based think tank: Governance and Problem Analysis Center, has declared that the Communist Party of the Russian Federation won the 2011 Duma elections.  Their study shows that the communists took 30% of the votes compared to the 22% received by Vladimir Putin's United Russia.  This contrasts with the official results of 49% for United Russia and 19% for the CPRF.

    Some will remember how the western media suggested the election was corrupt, yet airbrushed the communists out of proceedings.  They presented inconsequential minor capitalist parties as those being the losers of Putin's fraudulence. Those in the know were always aware of the real facts, that the Communists are he only credible opposition in Russia, and may even have the support of the majority.  During the campaign it was the communists who were targeted by the authorities and had election materials seized by the capitalist Putin regime.

    This is then at least the second time that the capitalists have stolen the elections in Russia, with it widely accepted that Boris Yeltsin stole the presidential elections in 1996.  And can be added to the illegal dissolution of parliament by Yeltsin 1n 1993 as times the capitalists used illegal means to keep the communists out of power.

    Some here thought communism was dying? And who still believes that it is communism which is corrupt and dictatorial? … ks-in-190/