Reagan and Gay Rights

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    Sooner28posted 4 years ago … odayspaper … rdock?pg=1  (for the skeptical conservatives).

    Sometimes politics takes on a life of its own, and people form ideas that are not based on fact.  Reagan and AIDS is a perfect example.  Many conservatives vehemently deny that he would have supported gay rights, and liberals claim he was homophobic.  Both are wrong!  I think it's likely Reagan probably did support gay rights, but the political climate wasn't there to push for it.

    The man wasn't really a revolutionary leader when it came to morality.  He didn't take a huge lead on any significant issue and change public opinion, but it is no way follows from this that he was against marriage equality.  While the claim may have been more defensible (may have) before his daughter relayed her stories, it's not so now.