Is this exploitation or ok use of Boston Strong?

  1. Mighty Mom profile image85
    Mighty Momposted 4 years ago

    I received an email with the subject "What it means to be Boston Strong." The sender was Coastal Hotel Group. I thought to myself, "This ought to be good..."
    I opened it.
    Here is what it said:
    "At the center of the Boston Marathon bombings stands The Lenox Hotel. For eight days, the hotel was forbidden to open for business. So The Lenox team stepped feed and host investigators around the clock with the same service normally extended to paying guests.
    As an independent hotel, The Lenox doesn't have the resources of a major chain. What The Lenox Hotel does have is the support of Stash partner hotels and resorts across the country, including Coastal Hotel Group, as well as that of individual travelers.

    How can you help? Make plans to visit The Lenox Hotel. If a trip to Boston isn't in your immediate future, consider a donation to The One Fund. Also leave a message at"

    What do you think? I thought it was smart marketing and actually not smarmy or shameless.
    But then, I have very fond memories of my years in Boston and the Lenox is one-of-a-kind and thus earns a soft spot (maybe extra dispensation).

    Link below to article in the email. … nt=event12