why SOME people insist on demonizing the wealthy and more affluent ?

  1. gmwilliams profile image85
    gmwilliamsposted 4 years ago

    Once upon a time not so long ago, wealthy and/or more affluent people were applauded and admired for their success, smarts, and acumen.  They were considered to have initiative to improve their lives by work smart and strategizing. Those who were poorer admired such people, seeing the latter as exemplary examples of what THEY can do if they applied themselves.  The  wealthy and/or more affluent were seen as positive role models of a CAN DO attitude.

    Nowadays, it seems that the  wealthy  and more affluent among us are demonized.  Many malcontents now proclaim that the wealthy and/or  more affluent among us are corrupt. The former proclaim that "it MUST be so" if not, why ARE they thus!   Instead of the wealthy and/or more affluent being seen positively, they are now viewed QUITE negatively by some people.  These same people even proclaim that there wouldn't be the current socioeconomic malaise if there weren't so many affluent and wealthy people.  A few go even further to state that there should be NO wealthy and affluent people as long as there are poor people.  These are THE PEOPLE who advocate total income equality, not taking into consideration the sacrifices many people make to become affluent and/or wealthy. 

    Yes, these are the pundits who strongly advocate a socialist, communist, welfare state where the wealthy and/or more affluent take care of the poor. These are the lovely folks who want an inheritance tax which hurts those who work hard for their wealth so that their children can have a better life.  What do THESE people want?  They do not want those to be successful, more affluent, and wealthy, they want one conglomerate class where everyone earns the same, regardless of education and skill.  That's what.  Yet, it is THESE same, misguided, myopically utopian lovelies who demonize the wealthy and more affluent while enabling those poor who refuse to improve themselves.  Simply, can't figure SUCH PEOPLE out, hmmmmm!  What is YOUR take regarding this premise?