Sera Gazları ve Karbondioksit

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    Adverse effects on the ecological balance of greenhouse gases are?

    The earth is a light energy from the sun. Part of this energy is reflected by the clouds and the ground surface. The remainder is collected by the atmosphere and the earth. A portion of the earth radiates infrared rays absorbed by the atmosphere. This space-going part of the infrared rays of solar energy in the world earth deposited so as to secure the average temperature is stabilized.

    If the atmosphere absorbs more infrared rays emit less energy than if you collect the earth and causes it to overheat. In this case, a temperature higher than the first temperature, until a new equilibrium condition increases the radiation of the earth. This is called the greenhouse effect. Without the greenhouse effect, the average temperature on Earth would be -18 degrees Celsius. Oysabug the temperature is 15 degrees.

    Briefly of infrared rays in the atmosphere and kept the greenhouse effect is called because the plants greenhouse in insides of the windows in the atmosphere, appears to sunlight and carrying by objects in the greenhouse emitted infrared radiation part by rejecting retention features. However, this effect into the dominant greenhouse temperature is not the only one responsible. Insides of the windows of the air flow and thus prevent reduction of heat transported. This is particularly important when considering wind force. However, this last feature of the greenhouse effect does not apply to outer space surrounding the planet and in this sense the so-called greenhouse effect is not involved in the case.

    All gases absorb infrared rays are gases that cause the greenhouse effect. Bunlarkarbondioksit water vapor, nitrous oxide and synthetic industrial ozone molecules. Effects and to density per molecule depends on the absorption capacity. Privileged status in relation to density of water vapor found in abundance on Earth because water is an integral part of the climate system. Atmospheric concentrations of water vapor holding capacity of the air is determined by it. Human activities since the beginning of the industrial era greenhouse gas emissions causing another and intensity of these gases in the atmosphere is increasing significantly and in an orderly manner. Additional greenhouse effect, global warming triggers. This radioactive developments between 1990 and 2004 showed an increase of 20 percent.