Nehru---KOHINOOR of India and warrior of third world---

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    pramodgokhaleposted 3 years ago

    Today is 14 th November , birth day of India's first prime minster Jawaharlal Nehru and we celebrate his 125 th birth anniversary. We are grateful to him, built India as a nation  can claim would be super power.
    There are strong critics and his cronies , i prefer to be balanced to do assessment of his regime.
    It is unfair to deny his achievements. He received broken India with blood and sorrows, 70% illiterate mass, no industry except textile, famines, food scarcity and many more.
    He was true democratic, Indian democracy stood on three pillars, democracy,secularism,judiciary.
    All these pillars are intact so Indian republic is intact. He promoted mixed economy, there was no way to adopt any other system India was not a capitalist and socialist nation and no such tradition exists.
    Economic frame of India was operated  by socialists fundamentalist who blindly trust USSR model as a role model to build India and eradicate poverty. There was no room for creative people to express in different voice. Creative people left India and migrated to west and India suffered huge loss.
    Let us look many positives of his regime. 14 states were formed on linguistic  basis and Indian union   became  more strong,plural nation has only option to enjoy freedom under central rule.
    He set up planning commission and floated five year plan and was right step to build India.
    He founded many education and research institutes including nuclear and space.Today India boasted as space and nuclear power , India is self sufficient in food and self reliant in many fields.
    It is difficult to run plural nation like India under democratic set up. India boasts most successful Non-Western democracy in third world, despite flaws India and democracy is moving.
    I salute my beloved premier of India.