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    wrenchBiscuitposted 2 years ago

    Evil is like dust that gathers and collects in the cracks and the corners. It is a culmination of many things; particular things that when viewed independently may not seem noteworthy. But when viewed collectively as a whole, we understand that  we are looking at the ravages of a malignant cancer.

    An organization known as "Women on 20s" is conducting an online vote to choose a worthy replacement for Andrew Jackson.  It is about time that someone got serious about replacing the image of  Andrew Jackson with the image of an honorable person. There are currently four candidates : Wilma Mankiller, Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt and Harriet Tubman.

    I cast my vote for Wilma Mankiller, former chief of the Cherokee Nation. It is ironic that her name is Mankiller, which is a common surname among the Aniyunwiya ( also known as Tsalagi or Cherokee). The irony stems from the fact that she was a great leader who didn't kill anyone, whereas Jackson was a killer of men, women, and children. He was also responsible for what has become known as "The Trail of Tears", a forced relocation and act of thievery that led to the deaths of  thousands. It is an outrage to continue to honor such a murderer. I am calling on all U.S. citizens, and members of the world community  to support this effort. It is only fitting that the miscreant Jackson be replaced with the image of the honorable descendent of those he so brutally slaughtered and dispossessed. All four of the women are excellent candidates, but especially concerning the historical irony, I must cast my vote for Wilma Mankiller.     http://www.womenon20s.org/

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      Credence2posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      As you say, all are excellent candidates, I choose Rosa Parks.

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    Cgenaeaposted 2 years ago

    No prominent natives that I can think of, in any spotlight. I'm all for Mankiller (yes an ironic name).
    One would almost think they disapperared and died off.  I wonder how that happened; those reservations must have awfully thick walls. I heard someone talking about the "GREAT favor" that was done by issuing back to the people land for living. And wealth generated by casinos...  but Im sure an about-face right back onto the boat to "find" some AVAILABLE land; taking his filthy disease, would have been Mo' Better. Mankiller and her people deserve her face all over the place, and so much more... too wink

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    wrenchBiscuitposted 2 years ago


    Thank you. It is interesting that many racists will accuse us of living in the past. Yet, the racists continue to honor and glorify murderers,kidnappers, and slave-owners like Jackson, Washington, and Jefferson. Every time we go to pay for something we are forced to look at their evil faces. But the racist does not see the double standard when they speak their foolishness.

    They do not see that these images indicate that they are not only living in the past, but also that they have brought the evil of the past into the present! But on the other-hand, I think some of them do understand, but simply don't care. If you have not seen this already, here is a link that you will enjoy. This is most definitely a "Man on Fire". He puts the whole Baltimore issue in the proper perspective:

    Omali Yeshitela : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZAP2lU8Gik

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      Cgenaeaposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Same guy from earlier. He was very precise about the problem that plagues America and threatens to shake it from its ill-gotten foundation.
      No one has a problem with bringing up the "past" when it benefits their position. But slavery is not past for American blacks. It has become hidden beneath a slew of laws mostly unwritten but enforceable nevertheless.