Obama Crime Family Intimidates SCCJ Roberts to Cast Vote with the Left

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    Credence2posted 2 years ago

    Conservative/rightwing paranoia on steroids?

    I have found this article from a source without bias, literally taking the words from the horse's mouth or website, as the case may be. I have provided a brief bio to show that this fellow is not just some 'okie from muscogee'

    Wayne is the author of the newly released national bestseller: "The Murder of the Middle Class". Wayne Allyn Root is a former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, successful entrepreneur, small business defender, business speaker, Capital Evangelist, and media personality- appearing on over 5000 interviews in the past 5 years. Wayne’s web site: ROOTforAmerica.com.

    Source for the article:

    http://www.theblaze.com/contributions/w … ackmailed/

    Talk about sore losers, now Chief Justice Roberts has bailed on the Conservatives and embraced the Left because he had been threatened and intimidated by the Chicago thugs which compose the "Obama Crime Family". You gotta to hand it to the rightwinger, if he is not anything else, he is imaginative. 'Fabrication as we go", is their motto. 

    There are more jurists who were appointed on the assumption that they would be reliably and consistently conservative, who flip to the other side than the other way around. These 'converts' realize that the  tiresome Right's cryptic ideology is no replacement for the understanding of real world issues that they confront and must apply to its interpretation of the law.

    Is it any surprise that the Right has credibility issues and rushes toward oblivion?
    Any opinions?

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      wildernessposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Now if we could only educate the population in the concept of "TANSTAAFL" (there ain't no such thing as a free lunch) and we'd find liberals flipping just as quick.  What a sight that would be: both sides flipping consistently because they all realize that neither party has a grasp on the real world, or the people in it, around them!  Schizophrenia, here we come!