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Are European Immigration issues spreading ?

  1. ahorseback profile image78
    ahorsebackposted 2 years ago

    How long does anyone think it will take until the immigration influx  in  Europe  explodes . Is it spreading  ? Is it a reflection of our own issues here in America ?   Will it help to  bring the illegal  numbers  at our borders  to light  so that we at least know how many there actually are ?

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    ahorsebackposted 2 years ago


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    Kathryn L Hillposted 2 years ago

    Bringing in Syrians when rich countries nearby could easily assist them, allowing illegals to cross the border when their country just needs help with water supply and other resources, (which maybe US could somehow assist with,) allowing their babies to be born for free and granting citizenship to them on top of that is beyond common sense.
    And it is ridiculous and did I mention beyond common sense?
    Maybe the good karma makes up for it in the end.
    How could it, when our language is refused to be learned, our ways and our customs ignored and resisted? When instead, they expect us to speak their language (and eventually face east to pray.) When drugs and weapons and germs we have no immunity against are brought in.
    Are these actions being promoted as ever new (or old) stealthy tactics of war?

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      mrpopoposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      "Are these actions being promoted as ever new (or old) stealthy tactics of war?"

      ISIS stated back in February that they would not only flood Europe with migrants, they would also smuggle extremists hidden with the migrant population (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article … ombed.html) - while also making a hefty buck smuggling them towards Europe (http://time.com/3857121/isis-smuggling/). If true, this would be a classic Trojan horse scenario.

      Some experts say they don't see the advantage in bringing extremists back to Europe, especially when much of the flow has been the other way, with thousands of sympathizers joining them in Syria (http://inserbia.info/today/2015/08/isis … y-experts/). Perhaps training or specific directives that the "lone wolf" militants in Europe aren't privy to explains the situation, and the advantage of doing this during the migrant crisis enables them to smuggle thousands of extremists without suspicion and with little cost.

      I've also read speculations of a strategy to simply outbreed the host country's population and impose Muslim laws via democratic mechanisms (the irony is not lost on me). There are videos of purported Muslim leaders and Muslim marches/protests threatening this very thing, though I can't confidently speak to the veracity of these claims as I don't speak the language. If true, it would be an excellent strategy for conquest in the long term.

      All the more ominous is this new phenomenon where Westerners cannot speak critically of Islam (let alone Muslims) or even the current migrant/refugee policies without being labeled as bigots or, as Ben Affleck says, "racists" towards the religion's practitioners. This authoritarian nature of political correctness prevents people from being intolerant to intolerance unless they're an "oppressed" group, in which case you can get away with the sexual trafficking of children (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rotherham … on_scandal) - that is to say, almost anything. It's akin to being in a fight where your opponent is punching you in the face but you can't punch them back. Or perhaps more appropriately, where your opponent is stabbing you in the face but you can't ask them to stop.

      Sorry for the slight and over-elaborated tangent. I will add, however, that the comparison to the immigration policies in the United States is perhaps slightly different. Most of the immigrants are from Mexico, and as far as I can tell the majority are willing to integrate, adapt and respect the local customs and laws. This is most certainly not the case for a significant proportion of Muslims in Europe.

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    ahorsebackposted 2 years ago

    All the humanity warriors won't like this but ,   If let's  say   Greece lets in  a hundred thousand people into their country  ,     watch as their  own tormented  amount of welfare dollars collapse around their ears , while they divert all of these dollars to the people coming across the border  ,their own poor will go without !   Any country that lets these people in will go through this !

      What about the ultra rich countries IN the middle east ?     Can't THEY do more ?

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    Kathryn L Hillposted 2 years ago

    … no one is arguing. I think that means we win, ahb.