Can there be Guilt in America without evidence?

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    buck3647posted 22 months ago

    When the Florida Department of Agriculture counsel Costigan states in emails, replying to complaints filed against DeSoto County, " it was obvious that Mr. Pressler was manufacturing for resale and violating zoning, a mere 40 days after purchasing an existing greenbelt aqua farm.
    Florida Right to Farm Act and Aquaculture Policy Act are to protect farmers from such actions otherwise every barn, stall, chicken coop would require building permits etc.
    By Florida Department of Agriculture declaring that an 8 Ton concrete hurricane / tornado storage shed is not a useful farm structure adds further evidence to what under the Conspiracy Act of 1964 constitutes a violation.  Governor Scott, Commissioner Putnam, Director of Aquaculture Knickerbocker, Inspector General Sears, Counseals for the Department of Agriculture Hall and Costigan ALL declare guilt knowing no evidence exist, instead, use procedural legal tactics to prevent exposure.
    Corporations cannot file a civil rights complaint MUST hire a law firm.

    Behren Law Weston, Florida takes $6000 only to say that guilt without evidence has no case?  BEWARE of this law firm

    So to this day no evidence of guilt has ever been presented although Florida Department of Agriculture refers to a verdict by a DeSoto County Special Master October 2009.  Verdict is not the same as evidence and for the ruin of an existing greenbelt aquafarm you would think the State would require copies of the evidence from DeSoto County? 
    Can there be guilt without evidence?    My Story                 
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