Where does Trump have his "clothing line" manufactured?

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    Credence2posted 22 months ago

    Funny, that I read that this fellow talks about keeping American jobs here and putting pressure on other countries to see that Americans get a fair deal in the trade arena, when a great deal of the manufacturing sources for his clothing line and, who knows what else, is in China. So, if he cannot keep all of his products under the 'Made in America' banner what makes you think that he going to do that for you?

    In all fairness to him though, he said that it was difficult to find domestic sources to do the manufacturing. But, if he is making such grandiose promises to America, he is going to have to try harder.

    Anybody who desires to be MY leader needs to SET THE EXAMPLE!!!

    See, article below, please....

    http://money.cnn.com/2016/03/08/news/ec … ump-trade/