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ELECTION 2016 - Texas Turning "WAGE Friendly" DEMOCRATIC Blue

  1. Alternative Prime profile image76
    Alternative Primeposted 17 months ago

    TEXANs Appear to be "Waking Up" to REJECT Trump in MASSIVE Numbers ~ And WHY Not?? WHY Not make the SWITCH from an “Oppressed CONservative Red“ state to WORKER Friendly Democratic BLUE where Progressive Public Servants would FIGHT to give the “Working CLASS a PAY Raise, not ENRICH Greed Driven CORRUPT Corporations as “Delusional Donald“ would have done? ~ POLLs indicate Hillary is LEADING or Tied in Traditionally Red State Texas & one Primary Reason WHY is that “DEAD-Beat Donald” & Many other Republican Politicians have Promised ALL American Workers including UNDER-Payed "RIPPED Off" TEXANs, a “PAY-Cut”, and I’ve yet to meet a Single Lone Star Stater who had a “Hankering” to get PAID Less Money for the same work performed have U ?? ~ Combine Donald's Deplorable Unconscionable Scheme to “SLASH Pay” with his FRAUD Filled HISTORY & Texas is lookin’ for an “Intervention” NOVEMBER 2016 ~

    Hillary MOMENTUM in Texas ~

    http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politic … 28197.html

    Under Republican CONTROL, TEXANs Are "UNDER-Payed & Oppressed" as their Republican Politicians CONTINUE to FAVOR Greed Driven Corporations:

    http://www.bls.gov/regions/southwest/ne … _texas.htm

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      wildernessposted 17 months agoin reply to this

      Hmm.  Less than 2% of Texans earned the minimum wage - that figure seems low for the number of unskilled people in the state.  Most of those without salable skills must be earning more than the value of their work.

      Plus, of course, a great many of those making low wages are illegal aliens; stop that lucrative trade and we will see wages rise.  Of course, we'll also see a loss of Democratic voting, so it isn't likely to happen, is it?  If President Trump can only come through on his promise to put a stop to illegals, wages will rise without government interfering in private contracts.

  2. Alternative Prime profile image76
    Alternative Primeposted 17 months ago

    JUST the FACTs ~ Under Republican RULE, MORE Texans are Trying Desperately to STAVE Off POVERTY while trying to Survive on "MINIMUM Wage" than almost any other STATE in OUR Union & that's an UNFORTUNATE FACT ~

    Texans are "UNDER-Payed" & "UNDER-Valued" PERIOD & it would have ONLY gotten WORSE under a Trump Regime ~ He Truly Believes AMERICAN Wages are TOO HIGH, what an idiot ~ Here he BABBLEs about a few of his Standard LIEs then tells us what he thinks about YOUR Pay-Check and how U EARN TOO Much Money ~ sad sad


    Democrats Believe  RAISING the Minimum WAGE for Hard WORKING AMERICANs is the ONLY "Guaranteed Way" to ENSURE they BENEFIT Directly & Enhance their Way of LIFE ~ We don't sit around and wait for "2-Bit Charlatans" like CON-Man Trump to "Humiliate & DESTROY" Families then PRAY Wages will INCREASE for the REST ~ It just doesn't WORK that WAY & Texans REALIZE his SCAM ~ Hillary is POUNDING Donald because Texans don't Appear to be quite as "DUMB" as "Delusional Donald" thinks they are ~

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    Alternative Primeposted 17 months ago

    Minimum WAGE in Texas Currently STANDs at $7.25 which meets the Current Federal Minimum but Falls BELOW many Progressive States which have already begun the Legislative Process of RAISING it to $15.00 per hr. incrementally over a REASONABLE Time Frame ~

    Democratically CONTROLLED Regions believe the ONLY Guaranteed way to "ENHANCE the Quality of LIFE" for HARD Working AMERICANs who deserve it, is to Administer a "DIRECT Benefit" in the form of a "PAY RAISE", whereas Republican CONTROLLED Regions which have Exhibited a LONG Documented History of "Suppressing Wages" while "Oppressing Workers", believe a  MASSIVE Tax Cut to Corporations, Wall STREET, & the Wealthiest Among us will somehow "TRICKLE Down" to the rest of us ~ This "TRUST Me I SWEAR I'll SHARE My Wealth With the WORKER" of course NEVER Happens & OUR Treasures ALWAYs End Up HOARDED by a Select Few as it is NOW ~

    Republicans are CONTROLLED by Corporations & WALL Street, this includes Pseudo-Candidate Trump who have a OBLIGATION to FAVOR those Wealthy Individuals who Contribute "Buckets of CASH" to their CAMPAIGNs ~ Trump has Proposed a MASSIVE Tax CUT for WEALTHY Individuals & Corporations from 35% where it stands now, DOWN to 15% ~ OUTRAGEOUS ~ sad

    Who do U think would of had the "DISTINCT Priviledge" of Picking Up that Egregious TAB ?? Yup, U guessed it, "WE the PEOPLE" including those Texans who now earn a mere $7.25 per hr with no Minimum WAGE Increase in Sight ~ sad

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    Alternative Primeposted 17 months ago

    Hillary NOW Leads Donald by Between 5% to 7% ~ As we've discussed right here in this VENUE, one PRIMARY Reason for the LANDSLIDE Against Trump which is about to occur in NOVEMBER is the FACT that WORKING Americans are REJECTING his Scheme to "LOWER Wages" Across the BOARD which According to his OWN Ridiculous WORDs, are TOO HIGH ~ sad ~

    Yup, Believe it or NOT, this Imbecile who NEVER Worked a "REAL Job" in his LIFE, Truly believes your PAY-Check needs to be CUT while he would have LOWERED Corporate Tax Rates from 35% to 15% ~ Who would have had the Distinct PLEASURE of picking Up that MULti-TRILLION $$$$ Tab ?? ~ Yup, U guessed it, ALL Working AMERICANs who would have realized a SUBSTANTIAL Pay-CUT ~ sad

    So right now, "Delusional Donald" is in DANGER of Losing Many "Traditional RED States" for an ENDLESS Number of OBVIOUS Reasons, but most notably TEXAS, and According to the LATEST Polls which are EXTREMELY Weak for Donald, Georgia  Appears to be REJECTING his "Assault on WORKERs" as well ~

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      Alternative Primeposted 16 months agoin reply to this

      We can ADD Arizona to the GROWING List that includes Texas & Georgia which are Traditional Red States that are NOW REJECTING "Delusional Donald's" ASSAULT on OUR Working Class while having the AUDACITY to Propose an unconscionable "TAX Scheme" which would have LOWERED Taxes for WALL Street from 35 % ALL the way DOWN to 15%  ~ Nothing LESS Than INSANE ~ sad

      Arizona ~Texas ~ Georgia are usually RED by a Considerable Margin but this CYCLE, they are REJECTING Donald in FAVOR of Hillary which means ALL 3 STATES are Turning DEMOCRATIC Blue & Worker Friendly ~ They are ALL Very Close in the "REAL" Polls ~