BOMBSHELL - Trump Foundation SERVED With "Cease And DESIST" Notice

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    Alternative Primeposted 16 months ago

    NON-Stop "Self Inflicted BOMBSHELLs" seem to "HAUNT" Trump's Imploding "Pseudo-Campaign" ~ It's ABSOLUTELY True, you'll DISCOVER "Just FACTs" as usual in my Discussion FORUMs along with an ABUNDANCE of  "COLORFUL Narration" ~ "GOOGLE it" to INVESTIGATE WHY the "Trump Foundation" was Essentially "SHUT Down" in the state by the NY A.G. Yesterday ~

    Acording to REPORTs, the FOUNDATION Violated State LAW by Neglecting to Secure Proper Registration / Certification and Neglecting to FILE Essential FINANCIAL Documents ~ SOUND Familiar?? No TRUMP Tax RETURNs Disclosed & of course According to REPORTs, Trump University Violated NY LAW when Donald FAILED to secure the REQUIRED License to Operate in the STATE ~ A Pending $40 MILLION Law Suit for "Elder ABUSE" & Violations of the "Racketeer Influenced & CORRUPT Organizations ACT" aka "R.I.C.O. Act" are some of the CHARGEs he faces in NOVEMBER 2016 ~ AND NOW Trump Foundation ORDERED to CEASE Operatiing in NY ??

    We could only assume this is just one MORE VALID Reason WHY the Attorney General who initiated this Legal ACTION Against Trump, is Enthusiastically Supporting Hillary ~

    READ Here: … nd-desist/ … .html?_r=0

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      Alternative Primeposted 16 months agoin reply to this

      ANOTHER Perspective: Many who follow this scandal had predicted the "INEVITABLE State-WIDE Shut -DOWN" of the "Trump Foundation" Pending Investigation & Collection of REQUIRED FINANCIAL Documents ~

      I Guess when U Take-MONEY from what is PROMOTED as a "CHARITY", to PURCHASE a Rather LARGE Self-PORTRAIT as REPORTs say the Trump FAMILY did, or if U FAIL to Provide REQUIRED Financial INFO, U might find yourself at the "RECEIVING End" of a "CEASE & Desist" ORDER "Shut-DOWN" ~

      An INVALUABLE Lesson for OUR CHildren on "HOW NOT to Conduct Business" ~

      EXCERPT: "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - New York's attorney general ordered Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's charitable foundation to immediately stop fundraising in the state, warning that a failure to do so would be a "continuing fraud."

      YAHOO News "DIGs-IN" ~ … 04778.html