Paul Joseph Watson ~ "Dear mainstream media"

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  1. colorfulone profile image76
    colorfuloneposted 7 years ago

    IMHO: After the election, maybe 2-3 months down the line, the worst talking heads will be replaced in hopes of gaining some public trust of the delusional media again. I believe they have some of the most incompetent brainwashed reporters that actually believe the fake news they read off a script, some know better and do it anyway. There I said it, and feel better for getting it off my chest. NOT all journalists are stupid, many are still honest and believe in integrity, thank God for them.

    Paul Joseph Watson, "You’ve almost succeeded in destroying the 4th estate and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    This is why 94% of the American people don’t trust you.
    When are you going to get that through your thick skulls?
    You lie, you smear, you ingratiate yourselves with wanton abandon.

    Dear mainstream media: You’ve betrayed your profession, sacrificed its once sacred principles, and stabbed the American people in the back."

    Wikileaks has pretty much confirmed that the mainstream media is a public relations firm for Hillary Clinton, said Paul.  "Your presstitutes"  ....  sell out hacks!   
    All of MSM has been infiltrated with its hacks.  Its hard to listen to them.

    Watson didn't hold back in this video, be warned!
    Paul's Rant:
    142,278 views since yesterday, not bad!

  2. colorfulone profile image76
    colorfuloneposted 7 years ago

    WIKILEAKS: Hillary Clinton EDITOR-IN-CHIEF of mainstream media.
    Campaign email goes over reporter assignments

    Re: July 8th Nightly Press Traffic Summary

    Steven Holmes (CNN) is working on a piece with the premise that the black vote is the firewall for Hillary Clinton and Sanders is unlikely to make major inroads there.

    Annie Linskey (Boston Globe) is writing for Friday about new fundraising hosts getting involved in this campaign, specifically females.

    Huffington Post is doing a piece on our treasurer Jose Villareal — will likely focus at least partially on him sitting on the Walmart board.

    Other outstanding stories include: [Buzzfeed correspondent] Ruby Cramer on our grassroots organizing, Anita Kumar (McClatchy) on where we have organizers and how we’ve spent our money during Q2, and [Washington Post reporter] Phil Rucker on HRC talking about gun violence prevention.

    This is a campaign email? It reads like a reporter assignment list at a major newspaper.

    The mainstream media is no longer the news media; it’s now simply a propaganda arm of the Clinton campaign deceptively posing as objective journalism to manipulate public opinion in Hillary’s favor.

    Email revealed: New York Times granted Hillary Clinton veto power over articles and the ability to retroactively determine which of her statement they could print. … lary-veto/

    To fight Trump, journalists have dispensed with objectivity … story.html … eam-media/

    1. profile image0
      ahorsebackposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I love the point of this thread !    I didn't see it before I posted above but the Bias of media is incredible and unforgivable ,  I truly  believe that the  purchasing American public will deliver  justice to our mainstream media ultimately costing this  media plenty .    I sure am glad that the media appreciates extreme sensationalism because  the loss of profit should be just that after this election ,    Sensational !


      1. colorfulone profile image76
        colorfuloneposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        Paul Joseph Watson, lives in the UK.  I love his genius point of view.  The incredibly bias media is prevalent there too, as is everywhere.   I believe that the best alternative media is best, and those that advertiser only the best products at the lowest prices, that they use their self...and it shows.   


        I agree.

  3. profile image0
    ahorsebackposted 7 years ago

    Hilary Clinton- Editor in Chief of the mainstream media .

    1. colorfulone profile image76
      colorfuloneposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Amazing things happening in these days that we are allowed to watch unfolding.   

      Trump is fatalistic!   He was wearing a bullet proof vest but stopped wearing them this part summer because it was too hot, according to an insider.  He won't put one on now, even though his family urges him to.  He feels that he has to mingle with the crowds of supporters.  Win or lose, Trump wins!  If he gets killed he'll die like a brave hero fighting to keep America free...and that movement won't stop. 

      I believe Trump is a man after God's own heart.

  4. colorfulone profile image76
    colorfuloneposted 7 years ago

    It’s incredibly rich to see the very same mainstream media that has completely eviscerated its own credibility, creating record levels of distrust amongst the public, by publishing fake and misleading news, then lecturing everyone else on what constitutes fake news.

    The main purveyors of fake news are literally trying to silence their competition by telling everyone that legitimate conservative news sources are fake news.

    The media still seems to be living under the delusion that they have any shred of credibility. They don’t. Why on earth would anyone choose to listen to or trust the kings of fake news to tell them what is fake news and what isn’t?

    Quantcast has blacklisted Infowars from its top trafficked websites as the establishment’s attempt to silence opposing voices by declaring conservative outlets “fake news” accelerates. … celerates/

    We knew this was coming as censoring progresses and attacks peoples' First Amendment Rights.



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