SafeSpace's on Campuses

  1. Tyler Koenig profile image70
    Tyler Koenigposted 13 months ago

    I am a soon to be college freshman (currently high school senior) and was becoming worried about all of the talk around the 'SafeSpace's" on campuses nationwide. Most notably, Michigan has created safe spaces for their students that are afraid of debate, much of this stemming from backlash against their administrators. I am interested in hearing your opinion on the matter, and why you think it.

    1. wilderness profile image100
      wildernessposted 13 months agoin reply to this

      I think it's a crock.  When an adult college student requires that they not be subjected to any opinion but their own there is a problem, but it isn't the college and it isn't their fellow students.  And the college isn't helping matters by falling for the gag, either.

      Those students are going to face this kind of thing their entire lives, and it's long past time that they need to recognize and cope with the fact that not all people are going to agree with them.

      As a new freshman I can only encourage you to refuse to be "traumatized" by someone else's opinions or speech.  You are an adult; behave like one instead of a small child crying that that "Sally said I was a Ju Ju Bird!".  You'll be fine - just don't fall into the trap of thinking you will never be offended by free speech.