The Truth about the War on Terror.

  1. Kathryn L Hill profile image79
    Kathryn L Hillposted 23 months ago

    The article, "Do The Math: Global War On Terror Has Killed 4 Million Muslims Or More" concludes, " would seem the American military are the worst killers, and the death toll resembles religious genocide. In 2009, Stephen M. Walt, a professor of international relations at Harvard, wrote in Foreign Policy:

    “How many Muslims has the United States killed in the past thirty years, and how many Americans have been killed by Muslims? Coming up with a precise answer to this question is probably impossible, but it is also not necessary, because the rough numbers are so clearly lopsided.”

    Or, as Ben Affleck famously quipped to Bill Maher last year: “We’ve killed more Muslims than they’ve killed us by an awful lot.”

    FROM: … re/208225/

    What and where is the TRUTH regarding this War on Terror. yikes?

    1. profile image0
      ahorsebackposted 23 months agoin reply to this

      The simplest truth may be this Kathryn  ........."walk softly and carry a big stick "  When a hate filled people kill three thousand of yours , kill a hundred thousand of theirs . And to  simply put it ,   I'm sure every home protector who ever had to kill an intruder to protect his own loved one's regrets it  but didn't he do what had to be done ?  I have to always break down a situation to it's simplest understanding  to know that problems solution .

      War is hell .

      1. Castlepaloma profile image75
        Castlepalomaposted 23 months agoin reply to this

        Muslim kill Muslims more than they kill us , I hope so 1.6 billion of them over span of 10s of thousands of years.

        How about Americans killing Americans more than Muslim killing Americans.
        In one year Americans killing Americans
        15,000 homoicides
        42,000 suicides
        I won't get into all the far greater ways Americans kill Americans

        You wonder how can American cops kill more than 8 times greater than all of the terrorist  combined. The one and only attack and the last  attack was15 years ago 9/11, 3000 deaths. Most people believe today if was an inside job including Bush it could have been on youtube.

        Let say it was all Islamics, by the end of this year cops have killed a 1000 Americans, nearly add that up all these years.

        The most dangerous group in the world are Governments in the last 20th century they have killed 250 million people.

        Now Americans troops say they don't do body counts, so what ever their number are. The Muslims body counts will be much higher, because they must dig their own graves for all their love ones.  Then watch a false democracy take over their lives and their resources.


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