4 to 1 electors could not remain faithful to Hillary

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  1. PhoenixV profile image63
    PhoenixVposted 2 years ago


    Electors decided not to remain faithful to Hillary. 4 to 1 compared to Trump. Is this a reoccurring theme for Hillary?

    1. Dont Taze Me Bro profile image61
      Dont Taze Me Broposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      That is Hillaryous!

      1. PhoenixV profile image63
        PhoenixVposted 2 years agoin reply to this

        Im surprised I never saw George Snuffleupagus or Cokie Roberts on TV all busted up inside about it. Cant find much info on it on the internet either. Its almost like it didnt happen.  Breitbart had an article.

    2. colorfulone profile image82
      colorfuloneposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Look at that face!  Bill looked scared in that photo, he was looking over at some of his sex victims at the debate, that Trump invited.   That was great...Trump, aced that debate! 

      Look at Bill Clinton's face after Donald Trump called him out for treating women worse than any other politician in American history during his Town Hall Presidential Debate against Hillary Clinton. Trump brought Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, and Kathy Shelton as his guests, shortly after they gave a joint press conference about Bill and Hillary's treatment of them.   Media analyst Mark Dice

      Hillary enables that evil entity.

    3. colorfulone profile image82
      colorfuloneposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      "In the end, Democrat efforts to make Trump electors switch their votes backfired as even more Democrat electors switched their vote, giving the Dems an even worse black eye than predicted.
      Trump did lose two electors in Texas, but nowhere else. Clinton lost 5 electors, but many more attempted to desert her across the nation, but were deterred by “faithless elector” laws.

      In the end, a total of seven electors voted for a person other than the candidate who won the popular vote in their state. This was the largest number of electoral college desertions in a presidential contest in U.S. history. However in the 58 presidential elections, faithless electors have never changed the outcome.

      The L.A. Times disingenuously bemoaned Hillary Clinton’s defeat in the Electoral College when she won the popular vote by a huge 2.9 million vote margin. However, the key fact that the Times failed to disclose to their audience was that without California, Trump would have won the popular vote.

      The California margin alone was 3,446,281, and much of that probably came from illegal aliens being allowed to vote illegally for the first time in a presidential election.

      Thanks to a recent change in state law, when someone applies for a driver’s license in California now, they are automatically registered to vote, contrary to federal law. President Obama actually encouraged this blatantly illegal behavior before the election.

      According to Gregg Phillips, founder of VoteStand:
      “We have verified more than three million votes cast by non-citizens. We are joining @TrueTheVote to initiate legal action.”

      No doubt this violation of law will get some early attention from incoming President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. "

      *   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wrrgyz … e=youtu.be
      Bill Still is an honest journalist with an impeccable record of accuracy.   This is a very good summary.


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