Is Agent Orange the 'Manchurian candidate?

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    ptosisposted 11 months ago

    Or is Trump a Golem / Frankenstein that even his makers are afraid of?

    The Trump revolution that Russian propaganda had surreptitiously helped to elect Trump might circle back calamitously to Russia itself?

    "Meanwhile, using anti-Americanism as an ideological crutch has become much more dubious now that the American electorate has chosen as their president a man publicly derided as “Putin’s puppet.” - … out-trump/

    "If Hillary Clinton had done one tenth of what Mr. Flynn had done, she likely would be in jail." … watergate/

    “It’s gone beyond gray zone to, at times, bizarre zone,” Rep. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.)

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    ptosisposted 11 months ago

    Russian state media ordered to scale back positive coverage of Donald Trump. Like a tap being shutoff.


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      ahorsebackposted 11 months agoin reply to this