Let Section 702 expire as scheduled

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    I urge you to contact & let your voice be heard.
    Let Section 702 expire as scheduled



    From https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2016/06/end-702

    Congress has no business approving government programs that neither it nor the public understands. Congress has failed to gain a functional understanding of NSA Internet surveillance, and has never even considered its impacts on democracy.

    Until Congress legislates meaningful limits to curtail widespread, longstanding, and continuing violations of constitutional rights, allow FISA Section 702 to expire next year as scheduled.

    Authorizing an extension of the law before securing answers to several critical questions, and enacting real limits to prevent documented and predictable abuses, would be a gross abdication of Congressional responsibility.

    How many Americans have been subjected to Internet monitoring through programs authorized under FISA? Sen Ron Wyden (D-OR) first asked this question over three years ago and government officials have never produced an answer.

    As Congress takes action to fulfill its oversight responsibilities by investigating and determining answers to these questions, it should also insist that the Executive branch release any other relevant documents. In particular, officials should provide any legal opinions and analyses about the Section 702 programs, and also declassify all relevant documents sent to Congress when FISA was passed, when it was reauthorized in 2008 and 2012, and any further documents shared with Congress since then. Without that information, and answers to the questions above, Congress remains unqualified to extend any surveillance authorities, including FISA Section 702.

    Members of Congress should defend their own prerogatives—if not the rights of their constituents and Internet users around the world—by insisting on both transparency and substantial reform before re-authorizing FISA's expiring provisions. At a minimum, those reforms should impose constitutional limits on government surveillance, and meaningful congressional and judicial oversight of any programs used to monitor Internet use, traffic, communication, or data.

    Absent such reform, EFF calls on Congress to let Section 702 expire as scheduled


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      Who needs FISA when have ALEXA?
      Check this out:
      https://videos.files.wordpress.com/SExZ … 6e_dvd.mp4

      whoa! Alexa 'cannot tell a lie so it shuts down instead of saying "i don't know'. hah!

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