Congrats Democratic Trump Obstructionists U. K stops intel sharing !

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  1. profile image0
    ahorsebackposted 20 months ago

    This can be blamed entirely on hold-over Obama employee's , Trump obstructionist's Obama , appointee's in and near near the white house ? Comey's FBI , Lynch's DOJ. on and on  .............

    1. colorfulone profile image82
      colorfuloneposted 20 months agoin reply to this

      That is good news.  Thank you for sharing that.

  2. colorfulone profile image82
    colorfuloneposted 20 months ago

    The FBI has illegally shared raw intelligence about Americans with unauthorized third parties and violated other constitutional privacy protections, according to newly declassified government documents that undercut the bureau’s public assurances about how carefully it handles warrantless spy data to avoid abuses or leaks.

    According to this article lawmakers and Congress on both sides are busy writing reforms the Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. 

    Declassified memos show FBI illegally shared spy data on Americans with private parties … te-parties

    “No one on the Hill wants to look like we are soft on terrorism when you have increasing threats like Manchester-style attacks. But the evidence of abuse or sloppiness and the unending leaks of sensitive intelligence in the last year has emboldened enough of us to pursue some reforms,” a senior congressional aide told Circa, speaking only on condition of anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to talk to the media. “Where that new line between privacy and security is drawn will depend on how many more shoes fall before the 702 renewal happens.”

    Comey, really is a clown!   Freaking RINO.

  3. colorfulone profile image82
    colorfuloneposted 20 months ago

    Have you seen the footage where DW Schultz threatened the DC Police Chief over a computer.  She demands and protests too much.  If there isn't incriminating evidence on that computer, then there should be no problem...let the investigation proceed. 

    The arrogance of that entity is appalling, and her actions are telling.   

    Good to see people standing up for discovery of the truth. Obstructionists don't like the truth getting out into the open.

    The Awan Brothers Sage Continues!
    OH!  Seth Rich's death is likely the latest Clinton murder. … ton-murder

    Hmm...Donna Brazile warned off private eye on Seth Rich murder!
    Won't hear that on CNN or other obstructionist news media sites.

    1. profile image0
      ahorsebackposted 20 months agoin reply to this

      Yes   and you've listened to David Webb [Breitbart ]  haven't you ?

      1. colorfulone profile image82
        colorfuloneposted 20 months agoin reply to this

        I hadn't heard of him before, but took some time to check out David Webb.  I don't spend much time on Breitbart unless they have an Exclusive or Breaking story I read about elsewhere, then I go check out it out.  Its a very good political news site in my estimation, regardless of what fake media and political deceivers say.  Its kind'a fun to watch the information challenged snowflakes have melt-downs at the mention of "Breitbart"...or other truther sites. 

        Hope you are having a nice Memorial Weekend. 

    2. PhoenixV profile image59
      PhoenixVposted 20 months agoin reply to this

      Have you signed the petition to investigate Seth (aka Russia) Rich's murder?

      1. colorfulone profile image82
        colorfuloneposted 20 months agoin reply to this

        I think I signed one, cannot remember for sure.  There does need to be an official investigation in Seth Rich's murder. 

        Why didn't the DNC demand an investigation, or offer a reward for information into his death and the murder?  Doesn't make them look like they wanted the truth to come out surrounding a staffers death.

        I know of other organizations, a privet detective and even an independent journalist that offered rewards and or have been pursuing investigations. 

        Why didn't the liberal media investigate Seth's murder?  Oh that's right, they have scripted narratives for their agendas, and avoid investigative journalism. 

        For that matter, why didn't the DC Police demand an investigation?  Instead they said it was a robbery, but nothing was stolen.   

        Seth Rich's murder is a small part of a much larger global (and local) cover-up of corruption, but he just may end up being a hero if he was the one who leaked DNC information to Wikileaks (not Russia).  Its what's in the leaked DNC data that is oh so frightening, and the Podesta emails.

        1. PhoenixV profile image59
          PhoenixVposted 20 months agoin reply to this

          The WSJ, better known for its fish n chips and birdcage products, reported:

          "The hacker also privately sent Democratic voter-turnout analyses."

          That sounds a lot like Seth's job, only with him having spellchecker

          1. colorfulone profile image82
            colorfuloneposted 20 months agoin reply to this

            I'm surprised WSJ used the word "hacker".  Seth was a Bernie Sanders supporter.  We know from the leaks that the DNC rigged the primary against Bernie in favor of Hillary.  That would be a good motive to leak information.  I can understand why Bernie supporters are suing the DNC.

            The DNC insisted they were hacked, (blamed Russia and Trump) but wouldn't allow the FBI access to their computers for an investigation.  Gosh, the tin hats are thick as thieves.

            The American people deserve to know the truth no matter how much it hurts.  I have to believe the good guys have got this, and its just a matter of timing.

            ADDED:   When I say "good guys" I refer to the good people on both sides of the fence that are engaged in a war against the corrupt swamp rats.

  4. colorfulone profile image82
    colorfuloneposted 20 months ago

    Sadition:  Former Pres. Obama takes shot at Pres. Trump during Berlin visit: 'We can't hide behind a wall'.

    Have you seen the security fence he had built around his house in DC?  Seen the barricades put in place for his security when in a public setting?

    1. profile image0
      ahorsebackposted 20 months agoin reply to this

      Obama  , what a little  nazi , running around Trumps success'  , I also blame the Merkels of the world for this ,   Too bad Obama didn't run for France presidency FIRST , we wouldn't be cleaning up his incredible mess' now !

      1. colorfulone profile image82
        colorfuloneposted 20 months agoin reply to this

        But, but look at what Obama's Marxist postmodernism doctrine did for us. We are closer to regaining a sense of responsibility for the core traditions that secured great wealth for America. It is so great (not prefect) that the corrupt thugs that have been in charge haven't been able to destroy it from within. 

        2010 Dems lost the House
        2012 Dems lost the Senate
        2016 Dems list the White House
        2017 Dems lost the ability to reason
        Its not Russia


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