Bernie Sanders Lawyers up for present FBI investigation ?

  1. ahorseback profile image79
    ahorsebackposted 5 months ago

    FBI -   Sanders , his wife , their past campaign may be in legal trouble for lying about financial resources to attain loans for now defunct pair of "colleges "  in Vermont  where Mr.s  Sanders  was the college president . Allegedly  lying  on applications for bank and state loans about income and assets  of college one to purchase , finance , and run college # 2 ,   Targeting " Nepotism" is one of the Sanders campaign  slogans   and yet  his daughter or daughters were involved as well in administrative positions at these schools .  One wonders about the all of the newly attained fiancial and personal wealth of the Sanders family and relationship to campaign funds ?  Ahhh ,....... the corruptions of socialism ?  I hear  Bernie is enjoying his new  million dollar lake house immensely .

    I told you all early on about Sanders ,why did you not listen ?