I Want.....I Want......I Want I Want I Want in America

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    gmwilliamsposted 6 months ago

    In America, it used to be that people were willing to pay for the services they got.  Also they realized that one gets what one pays for.  They accepted that the more money people, they would invariably receive better services.  They didn't begrudge such people- they were mature enough to realize that this was an inalienable fact of life  This was in fact, an incentive for them to do better educationally & socioeconomically. 

    However, the tide in America has turned 180 degrees.  People now want the best of services without being willing to pay for them.  They now feel that they have the unmitigated right to such services.  Some go as far to maintain that more affluent Americans have the money to pay for these services.  They contend that everyone in American is entitled to services whether they pay for it or not.  Has America "progressed" into insanity?  What happened to the concept that one can't always get what one wants/desires & one has to do without if h/she has no money to pay for the services at hand.  Have we become a nation of whiny crybabies?!

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    Kathryn L Hillposted 6 months ago

    If we have become a nation of crybabies, I will tell why that has happened. The progressives want to give everybody everything. They have given the younger generation the "sense of entitlement." if there were no hand-outs, no one would expect them. They would forge their own lives without complaining and they would relish the fact they could DO IT THEMSELVES WITH NO ONE'S HELP.  But, of course help is what we give to EACH OTHER! And we can help each other. And we want to help each other! In fact the Jews have a history of making enough money for themselves and for the poor as advised in the old Testament of the Bible!

    ----> as we all know, but we have so much darn compassion.

    Or is it laziness? "Let the government help my neighbor, then I won't have to."

    And SO the government cries out in GLEE!!!! $$$$$$$$$ roll

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