Nicknames not listed on Political Figures

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    ptosisposted 4 months ago

    There is a missing name in the list of "Donald Trump Nicknames
    Trump Family, Friends and Associates Nicknames" … knames.htm


    Maybe Elon Musk is correct in saying that this reality we live in is the Matrix and it's all a simulation because people's real names sound like literary characters in caricature.

    Scaramouch: A cowardly braggart in traditional Italian comedy that serves as the unscrupulous and unreliable servant and in Samuri Jack, Scaramouche the Merciless was an android who used to be Aku's #1 assassin. His specialty was using his (literally) magical voice to battle his foes.

    And so now have Anthony Scaramucci who is saying that he'll 'fire everybody' if WH leaks continue.