Why are conservatives failing to win any traction...I put the blame...

  1. jackclee lm profile image81
    jackclee lmposted 3 months ago

    On Conservative leaders.
    In a fair and balanced critique of america politics, I have called out Demacrats, Republicans and Trump.
    Now, it is the conservatives on the hot seat.
    These leaders have not been able to explain their principles in a convincing manner. They allow the media and oppositions to define them as something they are not.
    It is like the old joke about the police giving a husband the 3rd degree by asking him "when did you stop beating your wife...?"  How do you respond to these unfair attacks and charges of racism, and bigotry...when they are none of the above.
    Conservative leaders have a poor reputation in American politics. They are hated by both the left and the moderate. The GOP own leadership are attacking conservative members more than they attack the opposition. Why is that? 
    Many Conservative positions and principles  are basic common sense ideas. Why the media continuously call it "extreme" I will never understand.  Issue by issue, conservatives have the sound ideas and principles that were tested and proven correct, yet, they are maligned by the opposition. Just take a look at how the TEA party were treated?