Networks Censor BOMBSHELL on Russia/Uranium/Clinton Scandal

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    colorfuloneposted 8 weeks ago

    "New revelations that the FBI uncovered a Russian bribery plot before the Obama administration approved a nuclear deal with Moscow, that involved millions of kickback money to the Clinton Foundation, have been utterly ignored by the Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) network evening or morning shows, since the story broke early Tuesday.

    In fact, the network evening shows have only spent only 3 minutes and 1 second on the Clinton Foundation scandal in more than two years.

    The latest developments in the Russia/Uranium/Clinton scandal were first reported, on Tuesday, by The Hill’s John Solomon and Alison Spann. On Tuesday’s edition of FNC’s Hannity, Solomon and Circa News’s Sara Carter were invited on to lay out the latest details of this scandal, that the Big Three networks, so far, have refused to report on.

    he following are the relevant excerpts from the October 17 edition of FNC’s Hannity:

    HOST SEAN HANNITY: According to new reports tonight from The Hill’s John Solomon and Circa News’ Sara Carter, there are brand-new FBI documents that show the Russian nuclear industry officials kicked back millions and millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation all while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and helped approve the uranium one deal which gave Moscow, Russia, Vladimir Putin control of 20 percent of American uranium, the foundational materials for nuclear weapons.

    And tonight, they are also reporting the FBI now has evidence that Russia for years has been doing this and they are reporting the FBI has evidence that literally they used bribery to gain control over America’s uranium industry. All while the Obama administration did nothing. And the Clinton’s benefited to the tune of nearly $145 million. You want a real Russia collusion story? We’ve got it.

    HANNITY: Joining us exclusively, John Solomon, he is with The Hill. Sara Carter, Circa News.
    Sara, let me start with you. We are talking about bribery, we are talking about blackmail. We are talking about what else that was going on that the Obama Justice Department knew and still gave Putin, Moscow, Russia 20 percent of our uranium and the money goes to the Clinton Foundation. Let’s talk about it."

    watch the video here – … on-scandal

    Hagmann Report … n-scandal/

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    colorfuloneposted 8 weeks ago

    "The liberal media disgusts me to no end. It’s a corrupt cabal of disgruntled liberal buffoons who couldn’t “report” their way out of a wet paper bag.

    Don’t liberals find it disturbing that now that the BS Trump-Russia collusion story has transformed into a very real Obama-Clinton-Russian collusion story that the hack media has gone silent?

    Please, I’m begging you, tune the hack media out. They provide NO value to your life at all. They lie, they cheat, and they corrupt the minds of impressionable viewers. And, while I will passionately defend their First Amendment Rights to speak their corrupted minds, I will also passionately call them out for the fools they are."
    ~ Dan Bongino, a former United States Secret Service agent.

    Here is photo of Dan protecting President Obama. … f739f5.jpg