Donald Trump is bombing the CIA’S Opium Labs

  1. colorfulone profile image83
    colorfuloneposted 5 months ago

    Since 2001 the opium production in Afghanistan has increased by 6000%. Not 6%, not 600%. SIX THOUSAND PERCENT. The availability of heroin in the USA has become catastrophic. Since 2001 all Western countries have been increasingly flooded with heroin.

    President Trump is not only bombing the heroin infrastructure in Afghanistan he is opening the doors for those who built that infrastructure to be brought to court.

    Look out Bush, you allowed this! … ar-crimes/

    "A strategic pact was signed by Obama that allowed for US troop presence to remain in Afghanistan until 2024. Do you wonder why?  With the CIA keeping an eye on 500 Opium Labs and never shutting down a one….well, you know the answer.  Follow the money."

    Why do we have an opium epidemic in the USA?

    There are independent reports that have been confirmed from several sources that the Marines landed at the CIA agency in Langley on Saturday with helicopters.  Something very huge is happening!