James O'Keefe: Results achieved by Project Veritas past few years

  1. colorfulone profile image82
    colorfuloneposted 13 months ago

    Wow, as long as there is corruption, O'Keefe will always have a job.

    "The following are a few of the Results achieved by Project Veritas in the last few years. This is the reason for the hate. Because they really don’t want this list to increase— but increase it will at exponential speed.
    Prompted Congress to propose and pass legislation defunding the corrupt $2 billion community organizing cartel known as ACORN. This was signed by President Obama and came to pass in 2009 while Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress.
    Forced the termination of two top NPR executives, including a CEO, and inspired the House of Representatives to cut NPR funding.
    Empowered Senator John McCain to grill Department of Homeland Security representatives about border security, referring to our work.
    New Hampshire changed their voting laws twice, once in 2012 and again in 2016 as a result of our investigations. The state now requires photo ID and residency to vote.
    Project Veritas video evidence prompted overriding vetoes of legislation by the governor who sought our prosecution in New Hampshire.
    Forced resignations of Medicaid staff in Ohio, Virginia, and Maine and inspired widespread worker retraining in entitlement programs.
    Video evidence inspired Texas to open criminal investigations into voter fraud and prompted reactions from the attorney general and governor.
    Video evidence inspired Virginia to change voter laws after catching a congressman’s son in the act of encouraging fraud.
    Project Veritas video evidence exposed a New York City election board commissioner Alan Schulkin acknowledging widespread voter fraud, leading to ill-founded calls for his resignation.
    Project Veritas video evidence forced the termination of three Common Core executives.
    Project Veritas video evidence prompted Republican state senate president Mike Ellis to drop out of a senate race after exposing discussion of an illegal PAC and a Republican campaign treasurer to resign.
    Exposed teacher union corruption in several states leading to multiple investigations. Inspector generals in New York backed up our reports.
    Suspended and terminated four Obamacare navigators and led to defunding of the navigators' program in Texas.
    Caused the termination of two high-level Democratic operatives during the 2016 presidential campaign and was credited with shifting the momentum in the campaign. The videos had at least 22 million times in October 2016. Both Trump and Hillary Clinton discussed the videos in the final presidential debate.
    Project Veritas video evidence forced the Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel to reopen a criminal investigation into voter fraud during the 2016 presidential election.
    Project Veritas video evidence enabled the FBI* to arrest and convict three DisruptJ20 operatives in a criminal plot to put butyric acid in the ventilation system of the National Press Club.
    Project Veritas video evidence caused CNN major embarrassment by showing its staff ridiculing CNN’s own “Russia” coverage. The video prompted the deputy press secretary of the United States Sarah Huckabee-Sanders to “urge everyone to watch the videos.”
    Project Veritas video evidence led to NYT Deputy Managing Editor Clifford Levy issuing statement that the paper was reviewing the situation and their employee appeared to violated their ethical standards. The editor caught on video appears to have been let go. Following the video release, the NYT updated their social media policy to ensure their reporters appear more impartial."
    https://www.facebook.com/JamesOKeefeAut … 1184777910


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