Former NRC Insiders,Obama Knew" Uranium One "Had Russian Corruption?

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    ahorsebackposted 2 months ago

    Want Russian Collusion ?

    New News , Even before the deal was done , Obama was warned that insider NRC people knew of Russian corruption , bribing and collusion  was occurring .   Obama / Clinton  push through deal anyway ,  giving Russia control and KNOWLEDGE  of all US uranium holdings .

    If this were a Trump deal wouldn't liberals  hang him outright ?

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    ahorsebackposted 2 months ago

    This is becoming a circus act ;

    The Mueller Special Investigation had better open up on Obama , Hilary , Uranium One , IRS , DOJ -Lynch's tarmac scandal , the Trump  surveillance  ,  the Dossier , Comey's incompetence  or no ones going to have any confidence in Mueller  anyway , stellar reputation or not .    At a certain  point of such outrageous Mueller investigation and corruption , Trump might as fire them all and declare himself a dictator .

    I really wish he'd oust the entire white house press core , there is no real reporting going on there , Its a mindless  clown act .