Immigration: Yet Another Hot Button Issue I Can't Reconcile For Myself

  1. Jessie L Watson profile image92
    Jessie L Watsonposted 12 days ago

    It's pretty clear that both sides of certain political arguments have merit but the solution isn't as easy to capture as most people claim. It's also possible for both sides to be truthful at the same time. I'll show you what I mean.

    The U.S. immigration ban is just one example

    Arguments FOR and what I believe to be true.

    -Large influxes of immigrants puts stress on a society (regardless of ethnicity)

    -Part of this stress is caused by cultural incompatibility. It's not racist to feel aggravated to find out that the person you just invited into your house doesn't share the same ethics as you. We all have someone like this in our families.

    -In times of crisis, it's totally coherent to shut the gates. It's never permanent, regardless of what anyone believes the risks factors are. Is there really no risk AT ALL with regard to mass immigration? That just seems ridiculous to me. And to think otherwise just becomes grounds for being called Islamophobic.

    -There is a palplable connection between Jihadism and Muslims. Pretty straight forward.

    Arguments AGAINST and what I believe to be true

    -This is America and we generally care about our immigrants. We want to foster new ideas and allow people a fresh start from war torn countries. We don't want to create a reputation around turning our backs on people in need.

    -We also want to inspire reform among those who have thought about crossing over to extremist groups. Sometimes setting a good example is a reasonable surrogate for damage prevention.

    -Immigration policies overreach into other aspects of society and public institutions. It complicates and polarizes the country just talking about it. Congress is a mess. etc.

    So what's the right answer? Is anyone's head exploding after noticing that I'm not just some stooge who stands on one side of the aisle? What a concept.