1)Since The Federal Reserve is a privately owned institution, what might the 'ba

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  1. GaryLeeVilleneuve profile image60
    GaryLeeVilleneuveposted 9 years ago

    1)Since The Federal Reserve is a privately owned institution, what might the 'bailout' packages mean in the larger context of the international bankers' agenda?


  2. GaryLeeVilleneuve profile image60
    GaryLeeVilleneuveposted 9 years ago

    Well, IT certainly thinks it's a private institution.  In fact, it is NOT presently even technically under the authority of Congress, it has NEVER been truly audited, is INCREDIBLY secretive, its members are NOT democratically elected, and NOBODY in either the House, the Senate, or the public sphere has any real idea of what goes on within its ranks, how its decisions are made, or what it's bookkeeping looks like.  I don't know what your definition of private is, but that fits mine pretty well.  There's actually a major movement underway behind Ron Paul's H.R. 1207 (190 cosponsors) to MAKE the Federal Reserve fall under the authority of Congress by FORCING it to submit to a full audit by the G.A.O., and I'm ALL FOR IT!

  3. webstage profile image51
    webstageposted 9 years ago

    It means that their agenda is playing along nicely. Not only did the US bailout its banks and corps, but so did many other nations under many other currencies.

    The larger context is slavery. It's the small things year after year that adds up to the large context. It is not just one thing, or one person, or one government or one anything...it's not just the Fed.

    The overall scheme is to seal the deal in concrete - the fact that the people are in debt to the elite. Always has been...always will. Yet, they want more and more. Of course calling them International Bankers is about the best description...they are so much more.

    The bailout packages just put your kids great-great-great grandchildren in debt before they have even been born.

    Of course most people reading this will ask what can we do about it and what is the reason it has happened?

    The answer my friends......to both.....is you.


  4. MikeNV profile image77
    MikeNVposted 8 years ago

    Who owns the Fed?

    The 12 Member Bank.

    Who owns the 12 Member Banks?

    Corporate Banks...

    Who owns the Corporate Banks?


    Who owns the shares?  Anyone in any country who wants to buy the shares.

    And who are these people?  Privacy laws PREVENT the disclosure.

    So YES in fact the FED is owned by PRIVATE BANKERS.

    HR1207 was packaged in a larger disastrous Bill of Financial Reform akin to the Health Care Debacle.

    Instead of letting bills stand on their own and do the right these bills get buried in a mass of bad legislation.

    It's was a sad day when Ron Paul had to actually vote against his own Bill because it was bundled with such bad legislation.

    Private Bankers just sit back and laugh and take your money.  The American People are way to stupid to understand what is really going on.  So the system continues.

    The very weight of the Debt itself is the only thing that will eventually bring it down.  By that time the Bankers will hold Title to all the Assets that matter as they foreclose on them.

    Obama can't change any of this even if he wanted to.  Obama, Clinton, Bush... same party - green.  Bought and Sold by the Bilderberg group.

    Obama is part of the problem.  Our Government is run in secrecy.  Obama is a big supporter of the United Nations which is run by the Private Bankers.

    You just can't educate people who base their entire philosophy on "hope".  The numbers and suffering are a direct result of giving control of the monetary supply to Private Bankers.

    When the full on collapse comes, and it is coming you can look back and wonder why you had such "hope".


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