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How can war and famine with bad government be reduce or remove from Africa?

  1. honesty30 profile image60
    honesty30posted 8 years ago

    How can war and famine with bad government be reduce or remove from Africa?

  2. Nadia Ribadu profile image61
    Nadia Ribaduposted 8 years ago

    It is very difficult to eliminate famine and war in Africa or anywhere, especially if it does not come from within a society.  The people en masse must will it, must fervently desire that it be removed when governments are corrupt and not doing what they should for their people.  Of course the rest of the world can help, but it will have only a bandaid affect and the problem from its root will not be eradicated, unfortunately.  Corrupt, self-serving politicians, along with international robbery of Africa's resources are among the reasons Africa remains underdeveloped.

  3. shirleybill profile image56
    shirleybillposted 8 years ago

    There are more issues to look at when talking about war in Africa. It's not as simple as "saying something" and making it work.
    As far as the famine, it would take someone to get the people to work together, to solve this issue in Africa. It could be done, with time, and with the right resources.

  4. Tsumbedzo profile image54
    Tsumbedzoposted 8 years ago

    What Africa needs is reform in many countries' contitutions. We need to limit the powers of the presidents. The military should  never be allowed to run a government. African leaders also have to accept defeat in elections, there are way too many disputed elections.
    To reduce the number of wars in Africa, the African Union (AU) needs to step up and take a tough stand agaisnt rebels. The AU peacekeepers must be allowed to use force if necessary and intervien.

  5. omi saide profile image56
    omi saideposted 8 years ago

    Wars and famine is a symptom of the greater dilema. I am of african descent. My people was sold or captured and brought to the americas a few centuries ago. Islam, Christianity, attack on ATRs, foreign invasions to harvest the bountiful natural resources of African soil, separatist sects in military/politicians/euro appointed royalty seeking riches at everyone's expense are the culprits to instability in Africa 4 over six centuries. Its going to take the collective action of the citizens to work with progessive organizations to bring about change. It will be a blood bath without divine intervention because the main problems stem from multi-national corporations, western nations, and puppet government leaders cosigned into office by the international elites/wealthy who benefit from the wars and famines in Africa. This is a multi-facet undertaking that will take blood oaths and secrecy to be carried throw. An underground movement because of the international outside antagonist.

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    snow_white88posted 8 years ago

    to be honest I DON'T KNOW the answer to your question! Its been interesting to read what people have to say - and I only managed to "vote up" 1post so far which is Nadia Ribadu's comment.... the rest of the suggestions are good but not practical or realistic! Its easy to talk but we need to do the do - do! Thought provoking question Honesty30! When you do find out the answer to this fundamental question, Please do let me know-because I would also like to know!

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    sneakorocksolidposted 8 years ago

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