Who is interested in healthcare policy reform?

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  1. lauriedickinson profile image54
    lauriedickinsonposted 9 years ago

    Who is interested in healthcare policy reform?

    Interested in ideas and professional career options in healthcare policy reform

  2. MNichopolis profile image57
    MNichopolisposted 9 years ago

    Even though I've only been on the "receiving end" of health care, I do have a few observations regarding "who is interested in healthcare policy reform":

    1) It would appear "big medicine" is interested in universal health care/health care reform (and "big insurance"). Adding tens of millions of new customers would increase their profits dramatically.
    2) Given the massive amounts of cash that big medicine is contributing to both parties in our two party political system, given the recent political developments regarding our governments recent 600 billion "downpayment" on future healthcare, it appears that the two parties are more than happy to spend our childrens (and their childrens) money and go along for the ride. The only thing that's clearly being reformed is, well, our wallets.

    Regarding the subtext, ideas and career options in healthcare policy reform... If one of my children asked this of me, for career options in healthcare I'd reply:
    a) Medical Insurance my girl, the future is in medical insurance... Doctors are only going to be more vilified for their ambition (pay), as well as squeezed by an ever increasing plethora of other approved "providers" such as RNs, pharmacists, etc that will/are getting approval for more and more services. There's simply more profit in it for them if they have less qualified people providing more services for not just more people, but for every person on the planet; whether they can afford it, and whether they need the service or not.
    b) Ideas? How about using that government arm twisting they're using right now to crush the banks and car companies, and turn it on the health care business... For all companies that take medicare/medicaid funds, require mandatory pro-bono work: all health care professionals must work 2 days/month at a free clinic. All clinics will be run by each town (perhaps in a room at atown hall). Basic exams and diagnosis provided free, more complex issues referred. Basically, you're not insured, you find a lump in your throat, you go downtown and have a doc give you a free look over.
    c) Ideas #2? Currently, we're only given the "choice" of expensive (and very profitable) "monolithic", comprehensive coverage. How about "unbundling" our health care options; for example provide "catastrophe" only policies, where regular "maintenance" or preventative visits ARE NOT covered. Provide separate "maintenance only" policies, etc, etc.

    Just a couple thoughts. Best Wishes Laurie.

  3. darklingthrush profile image54
    darklingthrushposted 9 years ago

    When you ask of reform, is it goverment policy or private policy? 

    Of government, I disagree with any government sponsored healthcare system...why?  State anything is sub-par.  Always over funded and under performs.

    Could you imagine?  The best healthcare system in the world becoming stagnate due to the lack of competition.  Lets face it, the reason our country is so great is due to competition  Capitalism forces the best because it creates change and innovation.  Without that natural competition, nothing changes.

  4. Wealthmadehealthy profile image60
    Wealthmadehealthyposted 9 years ago

    The Big Pharm of course...and The gvt wants to be able to control us as much as it can.....

    We should all be interested enough to read a copy of it and also to fill out the survey which will be given to Congress when it reconvenes.

    Here is a link to the entire bill itself:

    And the survey no matter what party you are fill it out, going to Congress to give the views:
    http://hubpages.com/hub/New-Survey-Want … eform-Bill

    We should ALL be interested enough to know exactly what is in it and the impact it will have on our lives, our childrens lives and also any living or disabled relatives we may have.

  5. Stan K profile image60
    Stan Kposted 9 years ago

    The paranoia is stifling. 

    Millions are uninsured and health insurance companies are in the business of denying life saving treatments to enhance profits while the cost of health care in our private system is nearly double the average of every other first would nation with a public health care system.  The cost represents 7% of our GDP and growing. 

    You can argue the takeover of banks and auto makers 2 ways.  What if Bush and Obama had done nothing to save them?  Then we'd all be screaming at them for the complete meltdown of those institutions while they stood there and did nothing.  How exactly does this become a discussion of:  THEY JUST WANT TO GE CONTROL OF US!  Really?  How much thought goes into that?  I suggest that very little does.

    When private insurers are driving the cost of health care through the roof while their executives get bonuses for denying treatments (sometimes life saving treatments), there is a problem.  As fraud was committed due to lack of oversight in the banking industry that led to a global financial meltdown, the health insurance industry is defrauding the American public in much the same way. 

    To suggest that no oversight or reform is needed because "any state run service" is bad, I would suggest the following:

    The fact is that without government, we don't have publicly a funded justice system, police department, postal system, fire department, road maintenance, universal education for children, and Medicare (public option) for the elderly. We place special emphasis on protecting these values with tax dollars. Most Americans, even those who oppose "Medicare for all", support the use of government in these highly valued government services. Many analogies can expose the hypocrisy of supporting these government services while attacking government intervention in health care.


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