Why does politics only seem to attract people that want to lord over us all and

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  1. tonybeck profile image61
    tonybeckposted 15 years ago

    Why does politics only seem to attract people that want to lord over us all and enslave us?

    Government handouts and other forms of "free" money are anti-human as they serve to demoralize the populace, make us lazy and not motivated to achieve anything other than sitting on our asses.  They don't want strong Americans.  They want a bunch of sheep so they can tend to their flocks.
    Social programs and political correctness are bankrupting our country.  If you speak up, it's called "hate speech!"  Where's the so called tolerance?  Not every man has been converted by this feminized society.  Give a man a fish, he eats for a day.  Teach him how to fish and he eats for a lifetime.

  2. dabeaner profile image60
    dabeanerposted 15 years ago

    Why else would they want to get into politics?

  3. profile image49
    deb 1980posted 15 years ago

    I think that the answer to your question is simple. If you're not leading, you're following.  The government handouts are now necessary, not anti human. Society has been morally and ethically bankrupt for sometime now, it's no wonder why our social programs are catching up. I think that ultimately, they do want strong Americans, if only to put more money into the politician's pocket. If ethics and morals could be placed back into society, perhaps it would mean more personal responsibility and accountability for one's actions. Until then, people are reduced to speaking out and being chastised.

  4. EdG. profile image59
    EdG.posted 15 years ago

    It's been a sentiment for a long time that the best equipped leader is he who has no desire to lead. This is still true, as our morally and intellectually deficient leaders are excellent evidence of.

    And even those with their best intentions at heart who enter the political arena are soon corrupted by the taste of power.

    Of course, in America we still have some semblance of democracy, so when a large number of lazy citizens ask for handouts what's our government to do? It's just as much our fault as it is theirs for the state of this society. We put the bastards in office and pay them more than they're worth to impose bullshit laws on the populace. Shouldn't it be our job to put a leash on them too, they aren't gonna do it themselves.

  5. jcm_blabs profile image77
    jcm_blabsposted 14 years ago

    Can you elaborate on how this society is feminized?  This is being asked in an effort to understand your thought process.  Thanks!

  6. profile image0
    loubeelooposted 14 years ago

    may i add to your fishing idiom with another apt term.... 'power corrupts!'
    whilst the financial incentives are a nice bonus to political figures, ultimately it is the fact that positions of power attract a certain kind of individual... the kind that like to be in control of others & find it easy to wield that control!

    as for the 'feminized' society you mention, this is as some other commenter's say 'our own fault'!!! if we don't want to look after ourselves & more importantly our own then we ask our governments to do so instead, the more help they give the more we expect for our tax dollars, it creates the nanny states that we then cry out against! if we all taught our own children, grew our own food, created our own jobs, looked after our elderly & disabled relatives, took the time to understand the individual talents of each member of society & encouraged them to follow these up, then maybe we could be closer to the utopia we all claim to crave but we don't....

    and for good reasons; because we don't want to police our own streets, put out our own fires, help out our neighbours or understand each others unique wants & needs. we lack the faith in ourselves & drive needed to educate our young & we don't want to do without the luxuries of passive living, in a world of convenience.

    We want to think less & do less: No-one catches fish sat in front of their PC, no-one catches fish in front of their TV, no-one catches fish whilst negotiating the school run, but they all know it is ok because they just have to go to the freezer or the store... and there is the fish in its nice breaded, plastic wrapped & colourfully boxed glory- and no one asks, once their belly is full, if it was worth the cost?!!!

  7. ernold mystery profile image67
    ernold mysteryposted 14 years ago

    I think it's a slightly unfair characterisation of the situation. The real question should be: "why do we look to politicians to provide the answers to our own problems?"

    We elect these people, and then demand of them that they 'solve' homelessness, crime, poverty, the environment etc. Now, no-one would vote for the man who turned around and said: "I don't know - solve it yourself", because then... why bother having leaders at all?

    Maybe that's the flaw in the system we have to live with. If over half the people want government to solve their problems then its tough for the rest of us that don't.

  8. adayatech profile image61
    adayatechposted 14 years ago

    Not just in politics, the same can be said for religion and other areas of our lives. The problem is not with the form of government, it's with the nature of man.

  9. irony profile image59
    ironyposted 14 years ago

    The trend since WWII has been to lay the blame on someone else and accept no responsiblity your own mistakes.  People are electing more politicians who "...want to lord over us.." because these politicians are not only willing, but eager to tell anyone who'll listen that someone else is responsible for their predicament, and they, the politician, will change all that when elected.  They'll lie to your face and break every campaign promise they make, but continue to get elected.  The people who elect them have learned that there are no longer consequences for irresponsible action.  Criminals get a slap on the wrist, and collect handouts from the government, while honest citizens, working hard to make a living, pay more than a third of their income to support these derelicts, and God forbid you become a crime victim because, if you survive,  you'll be blamed and could go to jail if you try to protect yourself, your loved ones or your property.  You want to get rid of those who "...want to lord over us..." amend the constitution to prevent
    the government from giving any money, goods or services to any individual or organization except in exchange for goods or services received.

  10. omi saide profile image59
    omi saideposted 14 years ago

    as long some people's wealth are tied into other people's poverty and misery there will be unfair distribution of work,wealth and comfort for the society in general. Its set up that way by design.

  11. seven7ruval11 profile image60
    seven7ruval11posted 14 years ago

    Well, if any of you have read The 5000 Year Leap (if not; you should), you will see that back when good ole George and Thomas put the Constitution together, they knew there would have to be people to implement the laws.  But, in order to have VIRTUOUS men in office, the positions were NOT to be monetarily tempting.  Back then, office holders DID NOT GET PAID.  Therefore, you knew they just truly cared. 

    George made a statement, " If any position in office of the United States should become monetarily tempting; it will invite corruption.  Therefore, leaving THE PEOPLE in charge to remove the corrupt individuals - even if it is corrupt in it's entirety - and replace them with virtuous men."

    Well, I think we have all lost sight to our rights as American citizens.  They dont' want us to know OUR power.  They aer supposed to be working FOR US, not the other way around.  This is why (if you parents don't already know, because you never visit your schools or check homework) they are CURRENTLY (and most likely for the last ten years) dumbing our kids down.  No more THINKING.  No more advanced classes, THAT ARE TRULY ADVANCED.  Do you know that most public schools are teaching the SAME THING every year, to the SAME STUDENTS.  The only students that notice are the ones with higher IQ's or those who pay attention and love learning.  The majority has forgotten what they learn the year before. 

    It used to be mandatory to know the Constitution, in school.  It was part of the finals.  Is it anymore?  Do they still teach our TRUE history?

  12. Cynicalhand profile image58
    Cynicalhandposted 14 years ago

    Power does corrupt some of those who are actually starting off trying to make positive changes. But even the candidates, or new government elects, that actually are well intentioned, soon find that politics is a give and take platform. For a politician to get something - they must give in to something else they aren't necessarily in agreement with. That’s how our House of Rep’s and the Senate works for almost every issue. The only issues that they “come together” and do the obvious right thing on are the potentially devastating or publicly monitored ones. So, even the most sensible congressman comes out of a vote looking biased because of this common practice policy trade off of “give and take”.

  13. profile image0
    Mamie B.posted 14 years ago

    Its all about greed! The rich always run the country because they use their power....money! Watch closely. Read about it. Watch the news.

  14. Ima Freeman profile image61
    Ima Freemanposted 14 years ago

    We're strictly on the same page! I totally agree with you that it seems like people who are wealthy, or who are born into a ready-made political arena are taught to believe they are better than us 'poor slobs.' [Joe 6 pack] we're often called.
       I suspect there is delusions of grandeur associated with this
    belief system, as well
      Institutions such as Oxford, in England, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, and others of that same ilk, seem to program those 'fortunate' enough to enter  their 'hallowed gates."
       The super bright are groomed for One-World Government
    positions and they have very deep pockets backing them.
       Bill Clinton, himself, is a Rothchild and he he went to the trouble of having his records 'sealed' to hide this fact when he fan for President of the United States. A diligent reporter uncovered this fact, however. Since he is a Rothchild, he feels he has the world on a string. Whatever position he will be assigned with the New World Order will be a far great position of authority and POWER than what he had as President of the U.S.
       I like your hubs and the style you use. Keep on writing!

  15. Khaisar Soase' profile image61
    Khaisar Soase'posted 14 years ago

    Good question Mr. Beck. What I have learned is this country is a capitalist country and behavior is always learned. When I was a child and other kids were cruel and would resort to name calling or just being all out pains in the ass. I remember the old cliche' "sticks and stones" (you must be familiar with it) they wanted us kids to apply. It was taught to us by our parents, in our class rooms, in our churches and so on. Now I never hear anything about it because of the political correctness. Don't get me wrong political correctness is a good thing but the problem is you can get too much of a good thing. I actually advocate for the coalition for the moderation of political correctness.
         On another note regarding politicians I agree with you. I mean with out politicians what would we loose? The houses would still get built, the truck drivers would still haul frieght, the plumbers would continue to protect the health of thge nation. So why do we need politcians you ask. Well when I thought about it (and I did think about it before I read your blog.) what I came up with is politicians are needed to help form the government with out then there would be total anarchy. The problem is Loubeeloo is right when she said that power corrupts. Our society as a whole need to come together and insist harsh sanctions for white collar crimes and political corruption. At the same time (and I hate to say this) there needs to be another beureu in place for this very issue. The police have internal affairs, the politicians also need a form of this entity. Further I'd like to submit here and now that if the bulk of this country is feeling the pain of this recession then it is only fitting that somehow these politicians be made to feel this pain as well so that the can recognize the urgency of a solution. My suggestion is pay cuts for all politicians. Of course the amounts need to be in direct proximity to their salaries. Any politician who makes 100,000 needs to be cut 10,000 dollars and that would be for every 100,000. So if they make 1,000,000 they need to be cut 100, 000.
    I don't think 10% is too much to ask. There are a lot of us out there who are suffering way worse than that.
    By the way see my blog if you get a notion.

  16. eilander1542011 profile image61
    eilander1542011posted 13 years ago

    Speaking fro the standpoint of someone from the younger generation, politics has been so corrupted for so long, that we look at it as an evil profession. Whether or not it was ever a stand-up job I am too young to truly know. What I do know however is that I and my generation look at politics as the face of the enemy at this point. It is such a turnoff that even if we did have a will to become a politician and do some legitimate good, the thought of having to seemingly stoop to that level is on the equivalent with shttp://hubpages.com/question/14597/why-does-politics-only-seem-to-attract-people-that-want-to-lord-over-us-all-and-enslave-us#elling our souls to the devil.
    Hunter S. Thompson wrote that politics of the art of controlling your environment. In addition Plato once said; "The penalty for not participating in government is that you are governed by your inferiors." Consequently, these two geniuses inform us from different approaches that it takes a special kind of criminal to crave the power that is associated with political government. In short, none of us respectable folk want to have anything to do with the snakes and their venom.

  17. Shahid Bukhari profile image62
    Shahid Bukhariposted 13 years ago

    Politics is an Infirmity of the human Mind ... in other words, it is Insanity ...

    Because, in The Ordained, humans are supposed to be humane ... helpers of their fellow humans ... not masters ... of humans ... or exploiters of fellow humans, born, in human created disadvantage ... Politics, being the advantage, which  considers, others, the lesser humans.


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